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John Montague

John Montague.

His name was transcribed by the census-taker as Montegul, John. However, an email from his son, Ken Montague, on July 12, 2013, has added interesting information:

" John Montague (my father) was definitely on the Niobe when she came to Canada and was one of those who stayed with the ship to help with training Canadian sailors. He sailed the Atlantic and Caribbean missions on her. He was aboard when she ran aground on Sable Island.

" I have a copy of John Montague's birth certificate giving his birthdate as July 3rd, 1895 and his birthplace as London, England, which matches the information for "Montagul" on the census sheet. Since there's no listing for John under "Montague", and since his age and nationality match the information given for "Montagul", I reckon the "l" in "Montagul" is a mistake.

" John had been thrown into the Royal Navy as a result of being caught stealing a pair of boots in Bethnal Green High Street. (He was very young and very poor). This was before the days of intercoms and radios, so ships' orders were passed along by means of trumpets and drums and that's what they started him on. Somewhere along the line he became a physical training instructor. I believe he finished WWI as a C.P.O. During WWII, they made him Canada's first Warrant Officer. "

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