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Photo from the collection of Ken Lloyd

HMCS Discovery,
Ship's Company, 1973

The image below is the largest available so it is close to impossible to see the faces clearly. Although some people have been identified (see the list below), many names have not yet been matched to specific people in the image.

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Discovery.

The following names were provided by John Blatherwick:
2nd Row: PO2 Bruce Docherty is far left; Commissioned Officer Vic Crewe (Band Master) is 11th from left, behind Garth Olmstead; PO Eric Brown is 13th from left, behind John Blatherwick.
Front Row, L to R: First 4 are UNKNOWN, John Tyrell, Ed Chan, Larry Fournier, Lt(N) Fred Roots, Cdr Jack Thornton, Ed Wallace, Garth Olmstead, Bill Paul, John Blatherwick, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, LT(N) Dave McKinnell, UNKNOWN.

PO1 John Fowler (Ret.) says of this photo: "The photo was taken in the fall of 1973. I do not remember exactly when but I believe it was September. The reason some of the people are in the greens is because they were on a ship that was going to a foreign port and everyone had to be in the same uniform. The rest of the ship's company received the greens after the photo was taken. Here is a partial list of people in the photo. I will give you first names where I can remember them. I am not sure if I have everyone's rank correct for that time. "

AB John Fowler, LS Al Gosslin, AB Livingstone, AW Lois Henshaw, AW Hamilton, PO2 Grove Taggart, PO2 Deny Loverock, AB Mackay, PO2 Murry, PO1 Ken Lloyd, AB John Larson. LS Glen Munro, LS Fox, CPO2 Roth, LT(N) Grimmer, PO2 Dave Sutherland.

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