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Crew photo submitted by Melvin James Bowie,
Names photo submitted by Paul Goodman.

Royal Canadian Navy : Crew of HMCS Kapuskasing, 1945.

Royal Canadian Navy : Crew of HMCS Kapuskasing

Crew of HMCS Kapuskasing. Library and Archives Canada has confirmed this photo was taken in Halifax on Jan. 28, 1945.
Photo is DND negative #HS1387-1.

The photo below shows the back of a duplicate of the one above, which Paul Goodman purchased in a thrift store. It was this image which resulted in the photo being identified as the crew of HMCS Kapuskasing.

Royal Canadian Navy : Crew of HMCS Kapuskasing

Below are the names transcribed from the above image:
Rankin, Sturdy, Ellis, Lewis T.A., Favreau, Gardiner, Hogins, Scott, Greason
Schmieser, Brosner, Doucett, Sutherland,
Snow, Dowd, Drumbollis, Williams, Landry, Chisholm, Laidlaw, Leary, Grundy, Grant, Allan, (Duncan) Smith, Robinson,
Philips, Joyal, Wilkinson, Van Wart, Bakergeorge, Biggs, Guttman, Cleary, Griffiths, Blundell, Scaverelli, Curtis, Hinsley,
Verret, Cox, Tra[ar], Trepanier, Willmore, Barber, Laing, Henderson, Peolini, Meridith, Ogelski, Gosse,
Richardson, Sinclair, Pappas, Barnes, Clements, Bowen, Prieur, Haskins, La Febre, Henry, Pastorious, Hartz, Strong, Booth, Faulds, Price, Eastman, (Walli) (Shuy)
Jaques, Post,
Clyde, Erickson, Gilchrist
"Bugs Bunny"
Blackmore, Carr, Froats, Boyd, Adams, Bitteaux, Paulson, Farmer, Fraser, Bogisest, Malone,
Cunningham, Thompson, (Smith)
Fowler, Martin, Tolmie, Spence, Corsey, Millan, Lukas, Kelford, Griffiths, Partridge, Kneller,
Mallendine, Wainwright, Mitchella, Urig, Samiloff, Ward.

Leonard Payne Faulds:

Leonard's son, Leston Faulds, emailed me this: "My father, Leonard Payne Faulds, is on the right hand side of the picture as one views it, third row starting with 4 men in long coats and officer style hats (the 4th one appears to have a mustache) one other man, then my father. His hat is set right on his right eyebrow, very jaunty. I believe he also served on HMCS Kitchener, but I need to confirm that with military records. He also served in the RCAF in the Korean war and was stationed in Germany. He relocated to the US and worked on (the) Apollo Moon Landing project specializing in communications systems. "

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