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Photos submitted by Gordon Hunter

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Onondaga.

Submarine course #9, summer of 1968.

Basic Submarine Course #9: June 3, 1968 - July 12, 1968.
Back Row, L - R: J.W. Brokenshire, G. Roach, P. Curacco, Francis, L/S Gordon Hunter.
Middle Row, L - R: D. Fairfax, T. O'Hara, Hills, W. Hanna.
Front Row, L - R: CPO1 J. Hawkins (Instructor), Cdr. E. Gigg (Submarine Squadon CO), Lt. R. Perks (Submarine School CO), PO1 W. Black (Instructor).

HMCS Onondaga in Virgin Islands.

HMCS Onondaga (inboard) and HMCS Okanagan, in the Virgin Islands.
The man on the gangway of HMCS Onondaga is Wayne (Hector) Brokenshire.

Gordon Hunter on lookout, HMCS Onondaga.

Gordon Hunter on lookout watch on fin, HMCS Onondaga.

Gordon Hunter portrait, HMCS Onondaga.

Gordon Hunter on casing, after a swim, HMCS Onondaga. Photo by Brett Aubrey.

HMCS Onondaga leaving Bermuda.

HMCS Onondaga leaving Bermuda, September, 1969. Gordon Hunter is one of the three men on the bow. Photo by Brian Lapierre.

Onondaga museum, Rimouski.

Gordon Hunter -- HMCS Onondaga museum, composite illustration by Shelley Banks.

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