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Photos Submitted by Al Malcomson

HMCS Restigouche, 1973

Al Malcomson said about these photos: "This set of photos shows the Old Spanish Fort at San Juan taken from the focsle as we came into the harbor. The second shot is the Mexican Navy all ready to go including the dhobeying hanging from the guy wires. This shot was in Manzanillo Mexico. We rarely got to go ashore there as it was a rough spot even for us matelots and if we did get leave it was usually Cinderella. There was a story going back to frigate days about a certain bosun who came back three sheets to the wind and tried to bring a donkey back on board ship in Manzanillo. Well the officer of the day had something to say about that so he about turned and tied the donkey to a boxcar that was part of a soon to leave freight train. Next morning the train was gone and so was the donkey."

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Restigouche, 1973.
The Old Spanish Fort at San Juan.

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Restigouche, 1973.
Mexican Navy ships in Manzanillo, Mexico.

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