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HMCS Ste Therese.
Photos submitted by Michael Monahan.

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Ste Therese, 1944-45

Steve Monahan's photos were sent to me by his nephew, Michael Monahan, who lives in Ireland. Steve Monahan lives in Montreal. Michael says: "My father was one of the soldiers who decided not to return to Canada after WW2."

Michael forwarded me an email from Steve which says in part: " . . . . I wonder if the pub I used to go to, through the world's darkest blackout, still operates. And also if the dog races are still run the same way, with a donkey to pull the gunny sack, which served as a hare, slowly around the track, and if the favorite was fed a steak to slow him down in one race a session, and the trick was to hang around the kennels to find out which race it was going to be, but the locals used to try to mislead us, but it was fun, and I wonder what became of my girlfriend (who knew I was a Catholic by my name, ingrained it is, I suppose) is still OK, and if she still goes to those stage shows (what are they called? Damn fading memory!) where I couldn't get any of the jokes because of the accents, but laughed anyway because everyone else laughed so hard.

Coming up the Foyle was always interesting, what with the cormorants on the buoys, and even more interesting at night with lights, lights, for God's sake, on in Donnegal, but one of our ships following us began following lights of cars on shore instead of our tail light, and went on the rocks, and we laughed and laughed, and they got three weeks off in drydock, and so who had the last laugh? "

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Ste Therese

Steve Monahan (left) and Paul Byron on HMCS Ste Therese, somewhere between Derry and Halifax.

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Ste Therese

Back Row, L to R: George Alexander, Ken Evans, Lorne Thiffault, P.O. Birchmore.
Front Row, L to R: Dyment, Steve Monahan, Dick Bryson.

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Ste Therese

Back Row, L to R: G. Portington, Vancouver; Lorne Chase, Prince Rupert, BC; Andy Boomer, Winnipeg; Dick Easterbrooke, Vancouver.
Front Row, L to R: George Williams, Montreal; Knobby Clarke, Hull, QC; Steve Monahan.

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Ste Therese

Steve Monahan back in Canada in 1945, decked out in a Sub-Lieutenant's uniform.

Thanks to Stephen and Michael Monahan for these photos.

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