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DND photo submitted by Gordon P. Rhymes.

HMCS Huron, & HMCS Micmac, September/October, 1950.

HMCS Huron, HMCS Micmac, 1950

HMCS Huron (216) is tied up with HMCS Micmac. The location is almost certainly Langeline Pier in Copenhagen. Trekroner Fort is in the background to the right.

Gordon Rhymes passed this email on to me which he received from Don Bishop, a member of the HMCS Huron Association: " . . . . There is a picture of the Huron and Micmac in our association newsletter and I may be able to add some information. I was on the Huron at the same time as your Dad, and the Micmac accompanied us on the beginning of our route to Korea . . . . The Huron and Micmac were on a European multi-port goodwill tour in the summer of 1950 prior to your father being part of the crew and the two ships shared a jetty many times on that trip so the picture may have been taken then. . . . . Don Bishop. "

August 21, 2020: Erling Baldorf, Ex. SCPO Royal Danish Navy, emailed me the following : " . . . . This I would say is taken in Copenhagen! They are at the Langeline pier with the Trekroner fort in the background to the right."

Erling also sent me page images of The Crowsnest of January, 1951. An article on Pages 5 & 32 says in part: ". . . . September: The Canadian Special Service Squadron arrived September 1 at Londonderry. For the next two weeks the ships carried out an intensive anti-submarine program. From 'Derry they went to Rosyth, Scotland, and then to Oslo, Norway . . . October: Ships of the Special Service Squadron called at seven ports -- Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Portsmouth and Cherbourg -- within 22 days . . . ."

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