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Robert Berbeck, 1960 Robert Berbeck, 2014

Robert Berbeck joined the RCN in 1960 and was trained as a signalman. He served on HMCS New Glasgow, Ste Therese, Cape Breton, Assiniboine, Qu'Appelle, Antigonish, Beacon Hill, Cowichan, Provider, Terra Nova, Mackenzie, Yukon, Restigouche, & Kootenay, and retired after 27 years with the rank of P1SG4.

Bob took the photo which appears at the top of the main index page of this website. It was taken onboard HMCS Qu'Appelle in July 1964, enroute to Acapulco. The photo is of his late brother-in-law, John White. Section updated August 7, 2015.

Robert Berbeck, 1960. Taken on his first day home after basic training, 1960.

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Robert Berbeck, 1961. Studio portrait, age 18.

Lorna & Robert Berbeck Wedding photo, 1964.

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Lorna & Robert Berbeck 44th wedding anniversary, Oct.3, 2008.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1960. Official photo of Terra Nova 2/60 Division with a link to a larger version. Names: Berbeck, Beverage, Campbell, David, Ethier, L'Heureux, Madsen, Marleau, Powers, Reid, White. Updated Aug. 7, 2015.

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HMCS Cornwallis, 1960. Three photos. Terra Nova 2/60 Division, champion water-polo team, trophy winners, trophy presentation. Surnames: Berbeck, Briggs, Campbell, Chute, Cicconi, Ethier, Hockley, Landymore, Madsen, Paul, Read.

HMCS Cornwallis, Assault Course, 1960. Twenty photos of Terra Nova 2/60 Division during and after the assault course. Names so far: Berbeck, Broadfoot, Campbell, David, Chute, Ethier, Hall, Johnson, L'Heureux, Lloyd, Madsen, Marleau, White. Updated Aug. 7, 2015.

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HMCS Cornwallis, Church Class, 1960. Men from all divisions and ranks in Cornwallis. Only names known are Terry Banks, Robert Berbeck.

Hurricane on HMCS Assiniboine, 1963. The ship takes some big waves -- three photos.

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HMCS Mackenzie, 1964. Photo was taken in Vancouver Harbour.

Sunset at sea, 1966. With HMCS St Croix and HMCS Stettler in the distance.

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Two destroyers at Midway, 1968. HMCS Qu'Appelle & HMCS Saskatchewan at Sand Island.

HMCS Antigonish in refit in Vancouver, 1965. Two photos.

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Three decomissioned Tribals. HMCS Micmac, HMCS Athabaskan and HMCS Haida in Halifax, 1964.

HMCS Assiniboine euchre game, 1963. One man unidentified. Surnames: Barre, Corrigal, Hazzard, Lawrence, Linaker, Thomas, White.

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Graduation of SG105 in Esquimalt, 1960. Seven men. Surnames are: Berbeck, Fredrickson, Hockley, Law, Power, Stewart, Tucknott.

HMCS Grilse catches a dingy. April 1966. A dingy was caught in her vents when she surfaced. Four photos.

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HMCS Bonaventure & HMCS Provider HMCS Provider refuels Bonaventure and Antigonish. Six photos taken in Feb., 1966.

Refuling from HMCS Provider. February 1966. HMCS St Croix refuling from HMCS Provider. Two photos.

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Canadian sailors at Copacabana in Rio, 1966. Beach scenes in Rio plus a view from the bridge while entering Buenos Aires. Four photos.

Signalmen on board HMCS Assiniboine. October 1963. Men relaxing on board ship. Three photos.

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HMCS Provider refueling HMCS Terra Nova. Two photos, one an aerial shot. Sept. 1969.

HMCS Saguenay, Nipigon, Terra Nova. September 1963. Three destroyers alongside in Halifax.

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HMCS Provider & HMCS Terra Nova at sea. Two aerial photos. The ships were enroute to England.

HMCS Terra Nova refueling in the North Sea. October 1969. Terra Nova digs into the waves. Two photos.

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HMCS Provider in Copenhagen. October 1969.

HMCS Provider in drydock. In Esquimalt, January 1970. Three photos.

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HMCS Provider refuels destroyers, 1969. HMCS Assiniboine, Fraser, Skeena, Terra Nova receive fuel and groceries, Oct. 1969, 6 photos.

Two destroyers in Singapore. HMCS Qu'Appelle and HMCS Saskatchewan alongside in Singapore, 1968.

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HMCS Qu'Appelle crosses the equator. King Neptune holds court as Captain and crew ask permission to cross the equator. 1968, 4 photos. Surnames: Campbell-Hope, Huber, McAdam.

HMCS Qu'Appelle ship's company, 1968. HMCS Qu'Appelle ship's company, taken in Manila, Phillippine Islands, May 1968. An enlarged version is also provided. 63 men identified so far.

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HMCS Naden, 1968/69. The last Trade Group Three Signalmans course held on the west Coast. Surnames: Berbeck, Buburuz, Davies, Heron, Macadam, McCoy, Patterson, Rogers.

Signalmen on HMCS Qu'Appelle, 1964. Robert Berbeck and Jack Linaker flash signals on the way to Acapulco.

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HMCS Beacon Hill, 1967. Two photos. The decommissioning pennant is raised by Robert Berbeck and Kip Rumble and the Canadian flag is lowered for the last time by Robert Berbeck and R. Dale.

HMCS Qu'Appelle & Boy Scouts, 1968. Four photos taken on Midway Island where the local scout troop was given a tour of the ship. Surnames so far: Berbeck, Hunter, McLean, Ratcliffe, Renaud.

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Blood Donor Clinic, HMCS Provider, 1972. Robert Berbeck donates his 50th pint watched by Rear Admiral Leir.

Relaxing on HMCS Provider, 1970. Three photos. Names: Berbeck, Brent, Broadwood, Calder, Ganner, Kain, McGregor, Mitchell, Rumble, Staples.

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Memorial for a lost shipmate. A wreath is thrown for ABSW William Gordon deBalinhard, who was lost overboard from HMCS Provider on September 22, 1971. Five photos including three of William deBalinhard. Photo added Dec. 26, 2014.

ASROC firing, HMCS Restigouche, 1983. Rob took this photo of an anti-submarine rocket just as it was fired.

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Crewmembers, HMCS Yukon, 1977. Fun and games in Mazatlan, Mexico. Surnames: Johnston, Kyle, Puesch(?).

Robert Berbeck in 2014. Taken on his 50th wedding anniversary, 03 Oct. 2014.


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