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Photo submitted by Richard Bowes.

Royal Canadian Navy : Crew of HMCS Kamsack, October, 1943.

Royal Canadian Navy : Crew of HMCS Kamsack, 1943

Many thanks to Richard Bowes for this photo, who obtained the image from his brother-in-law, Michael James MacLellan (better known as Jamie MacLellan). Richard says: " My wife's father was on the Kamsack. His name was Michael MacLellan [and was] from New Waterford, NS. "
These names and ranks were submitted with the photo. A few ranks don't match the uniforms or badges or are otherwise questionable, and are marked with [*] or [?]. Also, extra info may be found if there is a [Note] link.
Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Top Row: Seymour, H., Coder; Blyth, J., Sto.; Block, R., A/B; LeVere, E., S/PO.
5th Row From Front: Marlatt, D., O/S [*]; Seeley, S., Coder; Gallant, J. A., SA [?].
4th Row From Front: Jamieson, E., L/S; Newell, C.S., Ck; Samson, C., Sto; Derouin, R., Sto; Howe, G., L/Sig.; Beaupre, R., Sto; McEwan, D., Tel; Richards, L., L/Sto; Beal, J., A/B; Donaldson, J., L/Tel; [ Space ]; MacLellan, Michael, Tel; Kernaghan, G., A/B; Newell, N., A/B; Laliberte, M.R., O/S; Young, K., A/B; Poirier, W., A/B; Patterson, I., Sig; Meek, W., A/B; Ross, D., Sig; Binnie, A., Coder; Gunn, R., L/Sto; Merril, W., O/S.
3rd Row From Front: Martin, J., A/B; Greer, R., Sto/I. [?]; Mercer, J., A/B; Robertson, E., L/Sto; Hatt, T., Sto; Knight, H., L/Sto; Cherry, A., O/S; Dean, R., O/S; Thompson, J., A/B; Olson, C., O/S; Cole, E., O/S; Ritchie, J., Tel.; Tassell, A., L/S; Jeandron, W., L/Sto; Berglund, F., O/S[Note]; Thomas, J., O/S; McWilliams, A., O/S; Webster, R., A/B; Isbell, R., A/B; Brosseau, M., O/S; Crocker, E., A/B.
2nd Row From Front: Speers, M., S.B.A. [?]; Pelletier, J., ERA; Johnston, C., ERA; Giroux, R., S/Po.; Culmer, R., ERA; Taylor, W., C/ERA; Williamson, M.D., Lt; Armstrong, A., Lt.; Carmichael, J., Lt; Haliday, W.C., L/Cdr; Tushingham, A., Lt; Atkinson, H., S/Lt; Adams, W., C/PO; Paxton, T., C/ERA; Taylor, A., ERA; Davis, F., S/P.O.; Heaney, Ms.Ck; Bennet, R., A/B.
Front Row (L-R): Porth, G., O/Sig; Jones, D., Sto/I.; Carr, G., A/B; Peebles, W. A., O/S; Clement, G., A/B; [ KAMSACK ]; Johnston, J., A/B; Wood, V., O/S; Callanan, B., A/B; Clark, K., O/Cor; Peach, C., A/B; Ross, Clayton Langford, Sig, RCNVR.

Some Ordinary Seaman were designated the rank of "O/D". This has been changed to the correct "O/S".


Thanks to Richard Bowes for this photo.


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