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Photos submitted by Paul Mak.

Royal Canadian Navy :
HMCS York, 1944.

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS York, 1944

Group of 25 men, 24 of them are petty officer recruits and the Leading Seaman who is front row center, is their division leader. Charles Samuel Browett, who is the grandfather of Paul Mak who submitted the photo, is in the middle row, 3rd from left. He became a paymaster, probably at HMCS York, but possibly elsewhere as well. He and one other didn't sign the back of the photo (see the signatures below).

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS York, 1944

Stamped on the reverse is the logo of Bill Goodall, Photographer, 763 Pape Ave. (Toronto).

Signatures and addressses from the reverse of the photo are: Dave Maclean; R.G. Perin?, Windsor, Ont.; Ken Lawton, London; [Illegible], Calgary, Alta.; E. Mulvinna, Windsor; Bob Garvey, Hamilton; Roy M. Power, Halifax; Harold Bud, Halifax; Murray Muir, London; Doug Hammond, Galt; Don McArthur, Kitchener; P.J. Lachapelle, Tillbury, Ont.; John Gerold; J.N. Woodward; Lobattan(?); Jack Harris, Port Colborne; Don Gray, Halifax, N.S.; John A. Ross, New Glasgow, N.S.; Chas. Summers, London; Fred? Glassic?, Kitchener; ? Balearras, Waterloo, Ont.; Lloyd Murphy, Wingham, Ont.

Thanks to Paul Mak for these photos.

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