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List of Department of National Defence Photographs.

List of Photographs Taken on HMCS Ontario's First Voyage,
May - November, 1945.

These photographs were taken onboard HMCS Ontario by Leading Photographer Sydney H. Draper, V-57990. Details of the photos are as follows:

Neg #DateDescription 
ON-000119 May '45Green ones breaking over foc'sle.See Photo
ON-000226 May '45Ship leaving shipyard at Belfast NI, initial trip.See Page
ON-000327 May '45RN Drifter taking libertymen ashore at Greenock. 
ON-0003-127 May '45Libertymen boarding Drifter.See Photo
ON-000427 May '45Whaler being rigged for sailing (pinnace). 
ON-000531 May '45Motor Boat crew manning their boat from the starboard, lower boom. 
ON-0005-131 May '45Ship's motor boat proceeding ashore at Lamlash.See Photo
ON-000629 May '45On the Bridge Cmdr, Captn, Nav. Lt. Howe. 
ON-0006-129 May '45On the Bridge Cmdr, Capt, Cmdr. 
ON-000710 June '45Supply Div, march past -- Lt(S) K. Roy, RCN.See Photo
ON-0007-110 June '45March Past on Q.D. Capt. and Lt. J.W. O'Grady. 
ON-0007-210 June '45March Past on Q.D. Stokers Div., Lt(E) G. Phillips. Band on "Y" Turret. 
ON-0007-310 June '45Capt. takes the salute. Lt.(G) McColl heads Div. 
ON-0007-410 June '45Church service on the Q.D.See Photo
ON-0007-510 June '45Port side -- singing a hymn. 
ON-0007-610 June '45Capt, Cmdr, on the Q.D. 
ON-0007-710 June '45Ship's band.See Photo
ON-000817 June '45Unpacking cigs. ship's canteen.See Photo
ON-0009-117 June '45Letting go stbd. anchor in River Mersey.See Page
ON-0009-217 June '45Cleaning after oiling ship.See Page
ON-0009-317 June '45Hauling oil pipe onboard from oiler.See Page
ON-0009-417 June '45Connecting oil pipe line stbd. side.See Page
ON-001023 June '45Admiral Sir Henry Moore KCB CVO DSO c-in-c H.F.See Page
ON-0010-123 June '45Capt. introducing Adm. Moore to Heads of Depts.See Photo
ON-0010-223 June '45Adm. Moore shaking hands with Capt. on leaving. 
ON-0010-323 June '45Adm. Moore speaking to Capt. on Q.D. 
ON-001126 June '45H.M. Sub Truncheon at Scapa Flow.See Page
ON-001227 June '45Securing cattling slip on stbd anchor. 
ON-0012-127 June '45Cable being lowered by bow rope. 
ON-0012-227 June '45Whaler hauled fwd by the grass. 
ON-0012-327 June '45Whaler slipping the grass. 
ON-0012-427 June '45Telephone buoy -- whaler with tiller bar broken. 
ON-0012-527 June '45Buoy jumper. 
ON-0012-627 June '45Hooking on the buoy. 
ON-0012-727 June '45Hauling in on the wire. 
ON-0012-827 June '45Bringing ship to the buoy. 
ON-0013 5 July '45Gibraltar.See Page
ON-0013-1 5 July '45Gibraltar in the distance.See Page
ON-0014 7 July '45Viewing coast of North Africa.See Photo
ON-0014-1 7 July '45Captain and P.M.O. view shoreline of North Africa. 
ON-0015 8 July '45Ship entering Grand Harbour, Malta.See Page
ON-0016 9 July '45Vice Admiral Sir Henry Dalrymple-Hamilton KCB CB, V.A.M.See Page
ON-0016-1 9 July '45General salute for V.A.M. 
ON-0016-2 9 July '45V.A.M. inspects guard of honour.See Photo
ON-0016-3 9 July '45V.A.M. meets ship's officers. 
ON-0016-4 9 July '45V.A.M. saluting Captain on departure. 
ON-001713 July '45HMS Bleasdale (H/C Destroyer) approaching for refuelling.See Page
ON-0017-1 13 July '45Line fired to Bleasdale. 
ON-0017-2 13 July '45Another line fired by rocket pistol.See Page
ON-0017-3 13 July '45HMS Bleasdale closing HMCS Ontario.See Photo
ON-0017-4 13 July '45Oil hose being passed to Bleasdale.See Page
ON-017-5 13 July '45Oil hose almost to its destination.See Page
ON-0017-6 13 July '45No fooling it's bloody well there! 
ON-0017-7 13 July '45Showing consistant tension to be maintained to prevent hose dropping into sea.See Page
ON-0017-8 13 July '45Hose secured on Bleasdale, frapping line being cut on Ontario's crane (Oiling by trough method). 
ON-0017-9 13 July '45Comnpleted, hose is returned. 
ON-0017-1013 July '45Hose again drops into the sea. 
ON-0017-1113 July '45Bleasdale steaming away from HMCS Ontario. 
ON-001813 July '45Ramming the shells home.See Page
ON-0018-113 July '454" gun's crew during firing.See Photo
ON-0018-213 July '45"X" gun's crew. (But W. Hodgkin's list says "Y" gun crew).See Page
ON-001918 July '45HMCS Ontario in tow of HMS Belfast (evolutions).See Photo
ON-0019-118 July '45Shock mat under towing cable. 
ON-0019-218 July '45Securing slip-rope to towing bridle and detaching cable. 
ON-0019-318 July '45Heaving in wire by hand showing chain check(...). 
ON-0019-418 July '45Running in a 6-1/2" wire. 
ON-0019-518 July '45Heaving in wire by hand. 
ON-0019-618 July '45Gross line bent on to heavy wire towing bridle. 
ON-002020 July '45Oiling a Destroyer at sea (abeam method).See Photo
ON-0020-120 July '45Showing location of oil hose on the deck. 
ON-0020-220 July '45Save-all under joint during fuelling. 
ON-002120 July '45Ship's Crest.See Photo
ON-002220 July '45"Fire A" 21 inch torpedo being fired (evolutions).See Page
ON-0022-120 July '45Torpedo with collision head being brought alongside after firing.See Page
ON-0022-220 July '45Torpedo after being hooked on to crane.See Page
ON-0022-320 July '45Torpedo being lowered onto dolly.See Page
ON-0022-420 July '45Unlisted photo -- torpedo lowered onto dolly.See Page
ON-002322 July '45HMCS Ontario rates at catacombs of Rabat, Malta.See Page
ON-0023-122 July '45St. Paul's Cathedral at Rabat, Malta.See Photo
ON-0023-222 July '45HMCS Ontario rates swimming at bay, Ghain-Tuffieha, Malta.See Page
ON-002423 July '45HMCS Ontario leaving Grand Hbr, Malta.See Page
ON-0024-123 July '45HMCS Ontario leaving Grand Hbr, Malta.See Page
ON-0024-223 July '45HMCS Ontario leaving Grand Hbr, Malta.See Page
ON-0024-323 July '45HMCS Ontario leaving Grand Hbr, Malta.See Page
ON-0025 2 Aug '45HMCS Ontario leaving Valetta, Malta 
ON-0026 9 Aug '45HMCS Ontario sails from Alexandria escorted by two R.N. Destroyers 
ON-0026-1 9 Aug '45Alexandria, Egypt, in the distance with two destroyers manoeuvering for line ahead.See Photo
ON-002710 Aug '45HMCS Ontario travelling through the Suez.
ON-002813 Aug '45Aden, Arabia, as seen from HMCS Ontario.See Page
ON-002920 Aug '45Interior of "X" gun house (6 inch) showing centre and right gun.See Page
ON-003022 Aug '45Bandaging for burns.See Photo
ON-0030-129 Aug '45Showing damage to the skin.See Photo
ON-0030-229 Aug '45Showing damage to the skin.See Photo
ON-003128 Aug '45Showing burns.See Photo
ON-0031-128 Aug '45Left side and back of A/B K. Holton.See Photo
ON-003230 Aug '45Showing burns on back and arms.See Photo
ON-0032-130 Aug '45Showing burns to left arm and side.See Photo
ON-0032-230 Aug '45Showing burns to right leg.See Photo
ON-0032-330 Aug '45Blisters caused by burns.See Photo
ON-003328 Aug '45Shipwright Department.See Photo
ON-003431 Aug '45HMCS Ontario leaving Trincommlee, Ceylon.See Photo
ON-0034-131 Aug '45HMCS Ontario leaving Trincommlee, Ceylon.See Photo
ON-0035 2 Sep '45Warrant Officers -- HMCS Ontario.See Photo
ON-0036 2 Sep '45Mr. J.M. Paul, Commissioned Gnr. RCN.See Photo
ON-0037 3 Sep '45Twin Oerlikon firing.See Photo
ON-0037-1 3 Sep '45Single Pom-Pom and Bofors, A.A. guns firing during a practice shoot.See Photo
ON-0038 3 Sep '45Lowering PV's in the area surrounding the mined Malacca Straits.See Photo
ON-0039 4 Sep '45Troopship with occupation troops bound for Hong Kong. Sunset on the Bay of Bengal.See Photo
ON-0040 4 Sep '45Captain A.W.S. Wood (C.D.C.).See Page
ON-0041 5 Sep '45Master-at-arms Office.See Page
ON-0041-1 5 Sep '45Master-at-arms Office.See Photo
ON-0042 6 Sep '45Ship's Office.See Photo
ON-0043 6 Sep '456" turret to drill.See Photo
ON-0043-1 6 Sep '456" turret to drill.See Photo
ON-0043-2 6 Sep '456" turret to drill.See Photo
ON-0044 6 Sep '45Music appreciation hour, broadcast by Rev. I.R. Edwards.See Page
ON-0045 6 Sep '45Gunroom mess.See Photo
ON-0046 7 Sep '45Chaplain I.R. Edwards -- Ship's library.See Photo
ON-0046-1 7 Sep '45Rodney M. Head, A/B -- Librarian (includes Steenerson and Hall).See Photo
ON-0047 7 Sep '45G.C.C. Hong Kong and officers taking passage.See Page
ON-0047-1 7 Sep '45Major General F.W. Festing CBE DSO and Commander E.P. Tisdall RCN.See Photo
ON-0047-2 7 Sep '45Major Pigott, Brigadier Hardy DSO++, Commander 3rd Commando Brigade and Major Gardner.See Photo
ON-0047-3 7 Sep '45Lt. Col. Leathes and Major General F.W. Festing CBE DSO.See Page
ON-0047-4 7 Sep '45Cmdr(E) B.R. Spencer RCN (rt) A/Surg Cmdr. D.M. Whitelaw RCNVR (lt).See Photo
ON-0048 9 Sep '45Rigged for Church.See Photo
ON-0048-1 9 Sep '45Rigged for Church.See Photo
ON-0049 10 Sep '45Photographic dark-room onboard.See Photo
ON-0049-110 Sep '45Dark-room.See Photo
ON-0050 11 Sep '45Looking aft -- troop ship bound for Hong Kong.See Page
ON-0051 11 Sep '45Approach to Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-0051-111 Sep '45Approach to Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-0051-211 Sep '45Approach to Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-0051-311 Sep '45Hong Kong ahead. (British Submarine)See Page
ON-005211 Sep '45Hong Kong through the harbour entrance.See Photo
ON-005311 Sep '45HMS Swiftsure lying off Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-005411 Sep '45Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-005511 Sep '45HMS Anson and Depot Ship off Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-005611 Sep '45Chinese San Pan in Hong Kong Harbour.See Photo
ON-005711 Sep '45Buglers sounding off while passing ships in Hong Kong Harbour.See Photo
ON-005813 Sep '45Mjr Gen. F.W. Festing CBE DSO and Captain H.T.W. Grand DSO on the quarterdeck.See Page
ON-005913 Sep '45Mjr Gen. F.W. Festing inspecting the guard.See Photo
ON-006013 Sep '45Mjr Gen. F.W. Festing and Captain G.T.W. Grant.See Photo
ON-006113 Sep '45Mjr Gen. F.W. Festing shaking hands with Captain Grant on departure from HMCS Ontario.See Photo
ON-006213 Sep '45Mjr Gen. F.W. Festing CBE DSO taking the salute as the ship's motor boat gets underway.See Page
ON-0062-113 Sep '45Mjr Gen. F.W. Festing CBE DSO being taken to Hong Kong in the Ship's Motor Boat.See Photo
ON-006412 Sep '45Forward trunking in Cabin 22.See Photo
ON-0064-112 Sep '45Forward trunking in Cabin 22.See Photo
ON-006513 Sep '45No. 1 Platoon "A" Co., prior to embarkation for shore duties.See Photo
ON-006613 Sep '45"A" Co. embarking in pinnace.See Photo
ON-0066-113 Sep '45Pinnace getting under way with section of Landing Party.See Photo
ON-0066-213 Sep '45Pinnace (with whaler in tow) standing by.See Photo
ON-0066-313 Sep '45Pinnace (with whaler in tow) approaching landing in Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-006713 Sep '45Motor Cutter getting under way.See Photo
ON-006813 Sep '45Ontario's boats proceeding to Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-006913 Sep '45Landing Party -- landing from whaler.See Photo
ON-007013 Sep '45Landing Party -- landing from 2nd whaler.See Photo
ON-007113 Sep '45Landing Party -- landing from Motor Boat.See Photo
ON-007213 Sep '45Landing Party -- fallen in on waterfront.See Photo
ON-007313 Sep '45Landing Party -- Chinese Hotel which became Headquarters and barracks.See Photo
ON-007413 Sep '45Chinese playing "Mah Jong".See Photo
ON-0074-113 Sep '45Chinese street scene.See Photo
ON-0074-213 Sep '45Street scene in Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-0074-313 Sep '45Outdoor "restaurant".See Photo
ON-007513 Sep '45Lieutenant T.A. Welch RCNVR.See Page
ON-007615 Sep '45"B" Co. 2nd Pltn. boarding pinnace.See Photo
ON-007715 Sep '45"B" Co. 3rd Pltn. landing in cutter.See Photo
ON-007815 Sep '45Landing Party on patrol.See Photo
ON-007915 Sep '45HMCS Ontario ashore, Headquarters at Hong Kong.See Page
ON-008016 Sep '45Two HMCS Ontario ratings on partrol in Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-008116 Sep '45PO G.A. Jenson making rounds on a bicycle.See Photo
ON-008216 Sep '45Truck left by Japanese.See Photo
ON-008316 Sep '45Headquarters ashore.See Photo
ON-008416 Sep '45L/S J.R. Bertrand cleaning his bayonet, A/B M.S. Desmezes on arm of chair.See Page
ON-008516 Sep '45Landing Party at "Charlie" Camp.See Photo
ON-008616 Sep '45Arranging supplies for "Charlie" Camp. Japanese "Tally" board on the wall.See Photo
ON-008716 Sep '45A/B P. Anderson, Quebec, writing a letter on a Japanese signal pad.See Photo
ON-008816 Sep '45Outdoor galley at "Charlie" Camp. Two Chinese boys are helpers.See Photo
ON-008915 Sep '45Chinese bringing in rice to be weighed before distribution.See Photo
ON-009016 Sep '45Government House, Hong Kong, prior to signing the surrender terms. R.N., R.M's, First Commandos and R.A.F. form the Guard of Honour.See Photo
ON-0090-116 Sep '45Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser GCB KBE, Commander-in-Chief, British Pacific Fleet.See Photo
ON-0090-216 Sep '45R.N. Guard of Honour in front of Government House.See Photo
ON-0090-316 Sep '45Immediately after the Union Jack has been raised. (Indian troops in the right.).See Photo
ON-0090-416 Sep '45Offiers and guard watch "Corsairs" of F.A.A.See Photo
ON-0090-516 Sep '45Salute, as the Union Jack is raised.
Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser.
Major General Pan Hua Kue (Chinese Observer)
Colonel Adrian Williamson (U.S. Observer)
Captain W.B. Creery RCN (Canadian Observer).
See Page
ON-0090-616 Sep '45Group of officers present at signing of the Surrender.See Photo
ON-0090-716 Sep '45"The King" is being played.See Photo
ON-0090-816 Sep '45R.A. C.H.J. Harcourt CB, CBE, C-in-C Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-0090-916 Sep '45R.M. Commando Pipe Band leaving Government House.See Photo
ON-009116 Sep '45Searchlight display in harbour.See Photo
ON-0091-116 Sep '45Fireworks and rocket display in Hong Kong Harbour on the night of the signing of the surrender.See Photo
ON-0091-316 Sep '45Fireworks and rocket display at Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-009218 Sep '45P.O. Ck C. Christie and Ck T.F. LaBrash at work in the galley ashore, in Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-009318 Sep '45HMCS Ontario's barracks at Taikoo.See Photo
ON-009418 Sep '45Fort Stanley quarters of HMCS Ontario's landing party.See Photo
ON-009518 Sep '45Group inspecting the Fort Stanley area.See Photo
ON-009618 Sep '45Group of the landing party at Fort Stanley.See Photo
ON-009718 Sep '45Internee camp at Fort Stanley, Hong Kong.See Photo
ON-009818 Sep '45Internee camp on left, civil jail on right, at Fort Stanley.See Photo
ON-009918 Sep '45Fort Stanley area.See Photo
ON-010018 Sep '45Coastal passenger ship taken over by landing party.See Photo
ON-010118 Sep '45Japanese atrocity on Chinese.See Photo
ON-0102 to ON-0215The list of these photos is missing. 

The following photographs were not available to the ship's company of HMCS Ontario at the time of departure from the ship. They include the groups of the various depart­ments and div­isions during the last few days at sea; also those taken of the ship on arrival at Esquimalt including an excel­lent aerial shot of the ship under way. The photo­grapher is not identified. Note that the dates are not exactly sequential.

Neg #DateDescription 
ON-0216Nov. 20 '45Ship's Company PhotoSee Photo
ON-0217"Sing Song in the Mess Deck.See Photo
ON-0217-1"Sing Song in the Mess Deck.See Photo
ON-0218"Gunnery Branch.See Photo
ON-0219Nov. 21 '45Stewards Branch.See Photo
ON-0220"Action Information Branch.See Photo
ON-0221"Gunnery Branch.See Photo
ON-0222"Artisan Branch.See Photo
ON-0223"Forecastle Port Division.See Photo
ON-0224"Writers Branch.See Photo
ON-0225"Supply Assistants.See Photo
ON-0226"Gunnery Officers.See Photo
ON-0227"Y Turret Guns Crew.See Photo
ON-0228"Top Starboard Division.See Photo
ON-0229"A Turret Guns Crew.See Photo
ON-0230"Port Q.D. Division.See Photo
ON-0232"B Turret Guns Crew.See Photo
ON-0233"Torpedo Section.See Photo
ON-0234"Medical Branch.See Photo
ON-0235"Cooks Division.See Photo
ON-0236"Supply Officer Brancy.See Photo
ON-0237"Torpedo Branch.See Photo
ON-0238Nov. 19 '45Hawaiian Concert party seated.See Photo
ON-0239"Ditto -- four dancing.See Photo
ON-0240"Ditto -- one dancing.See Photo
ON-0241"Ditto -- one dancing and Audience.See Photo
ON-0242"Ditto -- Lieut. Welch on the stage.See Photo
ON-0243"Ditto -- Captain Grant on the Stage.See Photo
ON-0244Nov. 21 '45In the bakery -- rolling the dough.See Photo
ON-0245"Ditto -- weighing the dough.See Photo
ON-0246Nov. 24 '45In the Galley during heavy seas.See Photo
ON-0246-1"Ditto.See Photo
ON-0247Nov. 21 '45Wtr. Mearns in the "Tailor Shop".See Photo
ON-0248Nov. 25 '45Port Whaler stove-in by heavy weather.See Page
ON-0249Nov. 24 '45Green ones over the forecastle.See Page
ON-0250"Ditto.See Page
ON-0251"Starboard roll.See Page
ON-0252"Port roll.See Page
ON-0253"Heavy weather -- looking aft from flag deck.See Photo
ON-0254"Ditto -- looking forward from X gun deck.See Photo
ON-0255"Bugler making his way with "KI" galley flats.See Photo
ON-0256Nov. 20 '45Photographer at work in the darkroom.See Photo
ON-0257Nov. 21 '45Starboard Q.D. Division.See Photo
ON-0258Nov. 28 '45Engineer Officers.See Photo
ON-0259"Chiefs and P.O.'s ERA & Stoker branch.See Photo
ON-0260"Ratings of the Engine-room & Stoker Branch.See Photo
F-4754Nov. 27 '45Vice-Admiral and Rear Admiral Brodeur coming aboard.See Photo
F-4755"General shot of the Q.D. following the speeches.See Photo
F-4755"Mr. Abbott addressing the ship's company.See Photo
F-4757"Ship closes in to the jetty.See Photo
F-4758"Port forecastle party fallen in.See Photo
F-4759"Aerial view of HMCS Ontario coming to the jetty.See Photo
F-4760"Aerial -- under escort of HMCS Matane.See Photo
F-4761"Aerial of HMCS Ontario.See Page
F-4762"Captain Grant speaking.See Photo
F-4763"Starboard Q.D. party entering Esquimalt harbour.See Photo
F-4764"HMCS Ontario going astern to manoeuvre in the harbour, HMCS Crescent at the bow.See Photo
F-4765"Aerial.See Photo
F-4766"Unloading mail.See Photo

Many thanks to Russell Hodgkin for this list.

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