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Photos submitted by Larry Thivierge.

Royal Canadian Navy :
USO Show at NRS Churchill, 1955.

Ron Thivierge says: " These three photos were taken at NRS Churchill some time in the summer or early winter of 1955, from a USO show that played at the US base there and then came over and did a show for us in our wet canteen."

Editorial comment: I have never seen a more morose and unhappy audience. When I asked Larry about it, he replied "That's what happens when you're stuck in isolation."

USO Show at NRS Churchill

Back, L - R: Man in civvies is unknown, George "Red" Cheyney, Harvy Quackenbush. To the right, standing is Ferguson.
Front, L - R: Ron Shier, Lynn Tennant. Far right is Newman or Neuman.

USO Show at NRS Churchill

To Right of the Dancer, L - R: Ron Thivierge (face half hidden), Archer, Ron Shier. Man in civvies behind Shier is unknown.

USO Show at NRS Churchill

Back, L - R: Far left is Neuwman/Newman, man behind him in civies is unknown, in civies in the middle is Morgan Jones, next right in suit is John McGrath and in front of McGrath is Chuck Burleigh.

Many thanks to Larry Thivierge for these photos.

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