Royal Canadian Navy : Larry Thivierge


Larry Thivierge, 1956

Larry Thivierge, 2008

Larry Thivierge joined the RCN in 1954 and was in Saguenay Division from April 12 to August 28, 1954. He was an Electrician's Mate and served on HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Lanark, and HMCS Stadacona. He served until 1959 and left with the rank of ABLM1.

Larry is a ham radio operator with the call sign of "VE3GT". More details on his ham radio career can be found on the website. Enter his callsign VE3GT into the search box at the top left of that website, ensuring it is set to "By Callsign". Section revised September 10, 2017.

thumbnail HMCS Cornwallis, Saguenay Division, 1954. Three photos -- Division on parade, obstacle course, and graduating class. Surnames: Benson, Bordinuck, Creber, Hansen, Lang, Lowe, Miller, Rayworth, Simpson, Small, Thivierge, Turbide. thumbnail HMCS Gloucester, CS Course, 1955. Trade Group 2 Communicator Supplementary (CS) Course Class. Surnames: Atkin, Burnby, Chapman, Cheyney, Clark, Cummings, Frechette, McGrath, Satchel, Tennent, Thivierge, Wakeford, Wentzell. thumbnail NRS Churchill, Dancers from a USO Show, 1955. Three photos. USO dancers from the American base at Churchill put on a show in the wet canteen. Surnames: Archer, Burleigh, Cheyney, Ferguson, Jones, McGrath, Newman or Neuman, Quackenbush, Shier, Tennant, Thivierge. thumbnail Photos of Larry Thivierge, 1956. Two photos -- one of him at home on leave and the other at HMCS Stadacona while he was on course. Both were taken in 1956. thumbnail HMCS Magnificent, Electrical Dept., 1956. Official RCN photo showing the ship's elec­t­rical depart­ment. Most of the men are identified. Surnames so far: Bond, Case, Chanin, Duggan, Duschene, Fisher, Glenn, Grimes, Harris, Hermiston, Hutchinson, Johnson, Kitchen, Laframboise, Lawrence, Lepinski, McLeish, Porteous, Roue, Stoddart, Thivierge, White, Wright, Young, Zwicker. thumbnail HMCS Magnificent at Sea, 1956. 12 Photos. All but one are Larry Thivierge's photos of friends and flight deck activity. Surnames: Chanin, Gamble, Grimes, Johnson, Preece, Thivierge. thumbnail HMCS Iroquois at Sea, 1956. Four photos of HMCS Iroquois as she was approaching HMCS Magnificent to re-fuel. thumbnail HMCS Lanark, 1950's. Three photos, including a crew photo. Surnames: Chabot, Ramsbottom. thumbnail USS Spikefish, 10,000th Dive, 1957/58. Four photos. Some time in 1957 or 1958, USS Spike­fish made her 10,000th dive accompanied by HMCS Lanark. It seems that Lanark stayed on the surface. Revised Sept. 10, 2017.

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