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Original Artwork by Dale Byhre.

Royal Canadian Navy : Painting by Dale Byhre.

Many thanks to William Truscott for the scan of this painting.

Royal Canadian Navy : Original Artwork by Dale Byhre

Original artwork is by Dale Byhre -- See Dale Byhre's website.
William Truscott says in an email: " It's my Dad's 93rd birthday in April (2019). I wanted to get him something special for it, so I had Dale Byhre do a painting for him. On the right at the back is HMS Ocean, one of my Great Grandfather's ships as a Chief Bosun Mate; on the left at the back is HMCS Niobe, my Great Uncle's ship as a Shipwright; then on the left front is my Dad's WW2 home HMCS Thunder as a Sig; and of course HMCS Terra Nova, mine as an RP. I only had two postings and the other was to Small Boats Unit so the Oriole or a YFP didn't quite cut it. "

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