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These 575 names of the crew of HMCS Niobe were transcribed from the 1911 Canadian census by the volunteers at automatedgenealogy.com -- Sandra Ashton, Lawrence Canty, Ruth Miller, and Dave Tanner. The 1911 census officially started on June 1, 1911, so this list provides a snapshot of the crew at that time. I've corrected errors and added extra info from the census microfilm, from elsewhere on-line, and from emails from relatives of the men listed. Names are listed in the order recorded but each column may be sorted by clicking on the top header (may not work in older browsers). Use the "Print" function on your web browser to print the full list in the order you have sorted it. I'll add more census links as time permits. JavaScript must be enabled for sorting to work. Pop-up windows are no longer used, so this should display properly on a hand-held device -- your feedback would be appreciated.

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01-01Macdonald, William BalfourBC; Victoria, ArmadaleMCanada1870, Jun41 Note
01-02White, CharlesNS; Halifax, 25 [?] RdMIreland1875, Aug36­
01-03Hallewell, Edmund Gilling [See Note]NS; Halifax, 37 Edward StMEngland?? Note
01-04Napier-Hemy, Hubert JohnENG; FalmouthSEngland1886, Sep24 Note
01-05Allin, Cleve GarfieldON; WindsorSUSA; Ohio1882, Jul28 CD1901
01-06Beard, Charles TaschereauON; Ottawa, 35 Strickland AvSOntario1890, Jul19 CD1901
01-07Nelles, Percy WalkerQC; St. JohnSOntario1892, Jan19 Note
01-08Brodeur, VictorQC; St. HilaireSQuebec1892, Sep18 Note
01-09German, Philip BarryON; WellandSOntario1892, Nov18 CD1901
01-10Bate, Henry TrennickON; Ottawa, [?] Wildwood StSOntario1894, Mar17 Note
01-11Barron, John AugustusON; WatfordSOntario1894, Mar17 CD1901
01-12Clarke, George PakadenENG; Devonport[?]SEngland1887, Jul23­
01-13Rousseau, Joseph ArmandQC; Three RiversSQuebec1880, Mar31 Note
01-14De Quetteville, Stanley NelsonJersey; St HelierSC.I.; Jersey1888, Jun22 Note
01-15Hollingworth, Alfred[Illegible]SScotland1886, Nov24­
01-16Jefferson, Frank HarveyN.Z.; AuklandSEngland1886, Nov24­
01-17Curry, Angus Downes MathwinENG; OxfordSEngland1889, Aug21 Note
01-18De Burgh, Hubert HenryIRL[?]; Kildare[?]SIreland1874, Feb32­
01-19Street, Henry Layard­SEngland1881, Aug29 Note
01-20Agleorby[?], Charles Edward[Illegible]SEngland1882, Jun28­
01-21Graham, Alastair Mungo; Rt. Honourable LordSCT; GlasgowSEngland1886, May25­
01-22Morres, Stephen Harvey­MEngland1880, Dec30 Note
01-23Sero[?], Frederick WilfredON; Toronto, [Illegible]SOntario1882, Sep28­
01-24Church, Philip David­MEngland1876, Jul34­
01-25Bell, John Fawcett­MEngland1876, Jul34­
01-26Warde, Thomas Herbert­SEngland1882, Oct28­
01-27Hudson[?], William CecilENG; BirminghamSEngland1884, Sep26­
01-28Annesley, John SmythENG; DurhamSEngland1872, Sep38 Note
01-29Herb...[?], John NormanENG; Wh..[?]SEngland1882, Aug28­
01-30Fitzgerald, Thomas MoffattSCT; EdinburghSIreland1884, Apr27­
01-31Bell[?], Kenchin[?] Digby­SIndia1880, Jun30­
01-32Morrell[?], Samuel George SeymourENG; DevonportMEngland1862, Feb49­
01-33Graves[?], George Dewony[?]ENG; Torport[?]MEngland1873, Feb38­
01-34Evans, FrederickENG; DevonportMEngland1868, Sep42­
01-35Cox, EdwardENG; PlymouthMEngland1865, Dec45­
01-36Sean, Alfred Benjamin[?]ENG; EpsomMEngland1877, Oct33­
01-37Hills, George Manwaring[?]ENG; Nottingham[?]MEngland1880, Jul30­
01-38Jenkins, Albert HenryENG; DevonportSEngland1876, Sep34­
01-39Pile, William SamuelENG; DevonportSEngland1878, Mar33­
01-40Baron, (?) JamesNS; Halifax, 272 Creighton StMEngland1871, Dec39­
01-41Bradbrook[?], Walter William[Illegible]MEngland1876, Jan35­
01-42King, AlfredENG; [Illegible]SEngland1879, Nov31­
01-43Short, (?) Henry[Illegible]SEngland1878, Sep32­
01-44Reed, Alfred JesseENG; Sussex[?] [Illegible]MEngland1882, Apr29­
01-45Bath, HarryENG; SouthseaSEngland1880, Jul30­
01-46Eastebrook, (?) WilliamENG; Cornwall; [Illegible]MEngland1882, Oct28­
01-47Bracher, (?) WilliamENG; Richmond[?]SEngland1882, Oct28­
01-48Rook, Frederick Bertie[?]ENG[?]; [Illegible]SEngland1887, Nov23­
01-49Laske[?], IsaacENG; DevonportMEngland1887, Mar24­
01-50Addison, JamesNS; Halifax, [Illegible]MEngland1879, Oct31­
02-01Wright, William HenryENG; ClaphamSEngland1888, Oct22­
02-02Hall, James StanleyENG; ClaphamSEngland1889, Apr22­
02-03Cummings, GeorgeENG; Southam[?]SEngland1879, Oct31­
02-04Noel, Frank Joseph AnthonyENG; EalingSEngland1893, Jun17­
02-05Hamilton, AlexanderIRL; LondonderrySIreland1880, Oct30­
02-06Jeffery, IsaacNS; Halifax, 62 Maynard[?] StSNova Scotia1892, Sep18 CD1901
02-07Arsenault, JosephNS; Halifax, [Illegible]SNova Scotia1892, Jun18 CD1901
02-08LaFort, FrankNS; Halifax, [Illegible]SNova Scotia1892, Mar19 CD1901
02-09Zinck, GarfieldNS; Halifax, 92 Charles StSNova Scotia1892, Apr19 CD1901
02-10Conrad, William JosephNS; Halifax, 43 Maynard StSNova Scotia1892, Jan19­
02-11Holland, William HenryNS; Halifax, [Illegible]SIndia1892, Jan19­
02-12Duggan, John FrederickNS; Halifax, [Illegible]SNova Scotia1892, Aug18­
02-13Griffin, John PatrickNS; Halifax, [Illegible]SNova Scotia1891, May20­
02-14Sheridan, Les HenryNS; Halifax, 123[?] Dresden RdSNova Scotia1892, Apr19 CD1901
02-15Brown or Barron, Arthur ClarenceNS; Halifax, [Illegible]SNova Scotia1892, Jan19­
02-16Strickland, Patrick Harold[?]; Brookland[?]SNova Scotia1891, Mar20­
02-17Roskey[?], James RichardNS; Eastern PassageSNova Scotia1891, Jan20­
02-18Osborne, JohnENG; SouthseaMEngland1873, Jan38­
02-19Shaw, WilmotENG; Yorkshire, HalifaxSEngland1877, Nov33­
02-20Evans, JohnENG[?]; London, 69 Johns WoodMEngland1875, Jul35­
02-21Banks, EdwardENG; Kent, [Illegible]SEngland1874, Jul36­
02-22Conquer, Frank WilliamENG; CroydonMEngland1868, May43­
02-23Murry, James FrancisENG; PrestonSIreland1873, May38­
02-24Cumming, ThomasENG; Hants, PortseaSEngland1879, Mar32­
02-25Isanor, John WilliamNS; Halifax, 20 Buckingham[?] StSNova Scotia1892, Apr19 CD1901
02-26Newland, Frederick HoraceON; Toronto, 283 King StSEngland1890, Dec20­
02-27Newland, ArthurON; Toronto, 283 King StSEngland1892, Jan18­
02-28Dumontier, Alfred Endory[?]BC; Vancouver, 520 Richard StSON or QC1892, Sep19­
02-29Hill, Henry Clarence GeorgeENG; [?]..adSEngland1891, Jul20­
02-30Cosette, Mary Joseph [?] [?]QC; [Illegible]SQuebec1891, Oct20­
02-31Grisé, Ernest JosephQC; Montreal, Augtoin[?] StSQuebec1892, May19 CD1901
02-32Ryan, Howard EdwardON; Gananoque, 25 [?] StSOntario1892, Jun18­
02-33Berubé, ArthurQC; Riviere du LoupeSUSA1892, Jun18­
02-34Maltren[?], DavidNS; Halifax, 30 South [?] StSNova Scotia1892, Apr19­
02-35Bourgault, EugeneQC; St Roche[?] [?]SQuebec1889, Nov21­
02-36French, FrankENG; [?]..portSIreland1889, Dec21­
02-37Prince, LawrenceQC; Montreal, [Illegible]SEngland1892, Dec19­
02-38Neal, Harry ErnestENG; BrightonSEngland1891, Oct19 Note
02-39Moreau, Paul NapoleonQC; Richelieu[?]SQuebec1891, Oct19­
02-40Gales, Calhoun[?]QC; Montreal, [?] Esplanade[?]SQuebec1892, Oct18­
02-41Sanson, GeorgeWales; [?]portSWales1881, Jun30­
02-42Hussey[?], Waldemar[?]NS; Halifax, 290 [?] StSNewfoundland1892, Aug18­
02-43Horne, George EdwardNS; Halifax, 95 Morris StSNova Scotia1891, Dec19­
02-44Hill, Charles James Hurgill[?]ENG; EddingtonSEngland1891, Aug19­
02-45Bocking, George Frederick[?]; 168 [Illegible]SEngland1883, Jul28­
02-46Kelly, William DuncanON; KingstonSNova Scotia1888, Jan22­
02-47Barden, NormanNB; SussexSN.B.1888, Apr23 CD1901
02-48Duffield, JosephNS; Halifax, [Illegible] StSNova Scotia1891, Oct20­
02-49Atkinson, Edward GrantNS; Shewin...[?]SNova Scotia1889, Jul21­
02-50Gr[?]simer, WalterNB; St Stephens, [?]SN.B.1892, Dec18­
03-01Ward, Wm ThomasNB; ChathamSIreland1890, Sep20­
03-02Sudds, Herbert CharlesQC; Montreal, 528 Joliette StSEngland1893, Apr18 Note
03-03Leach, Wilfred HowardON; Kingston, 23 Rideau StSEngland1893, May18­
03-04Michaud, Louis NapoleonQC; Riviere du Loup, Upper [?]SQuebec1892, Nov18­
03-05Smith, EdwardENG; Portsea[?]SEngland1869, Dec41­
03-06Almoro[?], WilliamENG; PortsmouthMEngland1870, Jun40­
03-07Anfield, Walter HenryENG; PlymouthMEngland1868, Nov42­
03-08O'Reilly, WilliamENG; LiverpoolSIreland1864, Dec46­
03-09Hockley, Alfred AlbertNS; Halifax, 350 Gottingen StMEngland1870, Jun40­
03-10Riggs, CharlesENG; PlymouthMEngland1866, Oct44 Note
03-11L[?]dway, AlfredENG; PlymouthMEngland1869, Nov41­
03-12Sandercock, David CharlesENG; ExeterMEngland1873, Aug37­
03-13Worsfold, Thomas JamesNS; Halifax, 109 Almon StMEngland1869, Mar42­
03-14Morden, George ArthurENG; PortsmouthMEngland1868, Jun42­
03-15Potter, Ernest HaroldENG; Emsworth[?]MEngland1870, Jun40­
03-16Jackson, RobertENG; PortsmouthMEngland1870, Jul40­
03-17Wood, CharlesENG; [Illegible]SEngland1870, Feb41­
03-18Wheeler, GeorgeENG; IlfordSEngland1871, Feb40­
03-19Buth[?], Hedley ThomasENG; ExeterSEngland1870, Apr41­
03-20Perry, JamesENG; [Illegible]SEngland1871, Apr40­
03-21Lynwood, SidneyENG; SalisburySEngland1871, Sep40­
03-22Prinett, Tom FrederickENG; GostportMEngland1870, Jul41­
03-23Eliot, EdwinENG; StonehouseMEngland1867, Oct43­
03-24Piercy, Nick [or Frank]ENG; DevonportMEngland1866, Aug44­
03-25Dunn, John WilliamENG; ChathamWEngland1869, Jan42­
03-26Berry, Thomas JamesENG; PortsmouthMEngland1870, Dec41­
03-27Cullen, Walter JohnENG; GosportMEngland1868, Jul43­
03-28Walsh, JohnENG; PlymouthMEngland1865, May46­
03-29Back, FrederickENG; DevonportSEngland1869, May42­
03-30Macfarlane, AngusENG; PortsmouthMScotland1865, Jun45­
03-31Goulien[?], William RichardENG; DevonportMEngland1866, Oct44­
03-32Chivers, William GeorgeENG; PlymouthMEngland1868, Oct42­
03-33Barnes, GeorgeENG; PortsmouthMEngland1871, Jan39­
03-34Coles, FrederickENG; PlymouthMEngland1871, Jul39­
03-35Burstead, Edward JamesENG; PlymouthMEngland1869, Jan42­
03-36Styant[?], Walter JohnENG; London, PaddingtonMEngland1877, Jul33­
03-37Noon, WilliamENG; PlymouthMEngland1866, Oct44­
03-38Downey[?], Charles JamesENG; PlymouthMEngland1870, Apr40 Note
03-39Gorman, JohnENG; London, Bethnal GreenMIreland1870, Apr41­
03-40O'Donahue, ThomasSCT; EdinburghSScotland1865, Aug45­
03-41Bradnam, ChristopherENG; GosportMEngland1863, Jul47 UK1901
03-42Douglas, JosephSCT; EdinburghSScotland1869, Oct41­
03-43Taylor, John GeorgeENG; PortsmouthMEngland­­­
03-44Cleveland, George CecilENG; FanshawMUSA1877, Jan34­
03-45Vicary, William HenryENG; PlymouthMEngland1879, May32­
03-46Lewis, GeorgeENG; O..[?]hamptonMEngland1878, Feb33­
03-47Gardener, David JohnENG; DevonportMWales1882, Feb29­
03-48Roots, Edmund ThomasENG; DevonportMEngland1877, Aug33 UK1901
03-49Wellington, WalterENG; Truro[?]MEngland1879, Jul31­
03-50Heming, PatrickIRL; CorkSIreland1877, Mar34­
04-01Hallett, Samuel CharlesENG; DevonportMEngland1875, Nov35­
04-02Zanazzi, Thomas CharlesENG; DevonportSEngland1878, Dec32­
04-03Babbage, ClaudeENG; TorquaySEngland1879, Mar32 Note
04-04Stephens, John FrederickENG; [?]..lakeMEngland1879, Jan32­
04-05Gardener, Henry WilliamENG; PlymouthMEngland1876, Aug34­
04-06Harper, FrankENG; ExeterMEngland1879, Mar32­
04-07Chubb, Bertram HenryENG; DevonportSEngland1877, Nov33­
04-08Perkins, Charles FrederickENG; DevonportMEngland1875, Aug35­
04-09Hobbs, SidneyENG; PlymouthSEngland1886, Aug24­
04-10Cregs, FrankENG; S..[?]headSEngland1882, Jul28­
04-11Mitchell, JohnENG; DevonportMUSA1874, May37­
04-12Le Maitre, Walter EdgarENG; London, [?]MC.I.; Jersey1879, May32­
04-13Gowers, JohnENG; BurnabySEngland1886, Feb25­
04-14Lane, William JohnENG; Cullumpton[?]SEngland1883, Apr28­
04-15Worden, Samuel JamesENG; [?]..ynMEngland1880, Aug31­
04-16Adamson, James AlexanderENG; PlymouthMScotland1876, Oct34­
04-17Kendall, William GeorgeENG; PlymouthSEngland1879, Apr32­
04-18Rendle, Alfred JamesENG; PlymouthSEngland1879, Jul31­
04-19Mills, Joseph CongdonENG; Cornwall, MillbrookSEngland1886, Aug24­
04-20Barnett, ThomasENG; PlymouthMIreland1874, Sep36­
04-21Chatham, Thomas ArthurENG; SouthseaMEngland1881, Apr30­
04-22Blanchard, George HenryENG; PortsmouthSEngland1880, Aug30­
04-23Woolyard, Henry Richard ThomasENG; PortsmouthMEngland1864, Apr27­
04-24Rennie, WilliamENG; BeltonSEngland1882, Feb29 Photo
04-25Knights, William JohnENG; PortsmouthMEngland1880, Jul30­
04-26Kinch, CharlesENG; Medhurst[?]MEngland1878, Nov32­
04-27Drevend[?], HarryENG; ManchesterMEngland1874, Sep36­
04-28Brown, Ernest WilliamENG; PortseaSEngland1878, Jun32­
04-29Elliott, RobertENG; PortsmouthSIreland1880, Aug30­
04-30Chandler, Frederick ElwinENG; Sussex, Smalldale[?]SEngland1877, Apr34­
04-31Rogers, WilliamENG; WeymouthSEngland1886, Feb25­
04-32Berry, Charles HenryENG; Worthing[?]SEngland1885, Sep25­
04-33Beer, CharlesENG; RydeSEngland1880, Jul30­
04-34Garner, Arthur LewisENG; Peterboro'SEngland1886, Jan24­
04-35Reading, HarryENG; Bamboro'[?]SEngland1883, Aug27­
04-36Roberts, ThomasENG; LiverpoolSEngland1883, Jun27­
04-37Ingroville, Thomas PeterENG; SouthseaMC.I.; Guernsey1877, May34­
04-38Beake, CharlesENG; WarbridgeMEngland1877, Dec33­
04-39Foakes, WilliamENG; LondonSEngland1875, Jul35­
04-40Payne, ErnestENG; Sh[?]hamSEngland1879, Jun31­
04-41Ibbotson, ThomasENG; SheffieldSEngland1877, Apr34­
04-42Smith, Percy Evans; Sr.ENG; WoolwichSEngland1874, Jul36­
04-43Dymond, John HenryUSA; Newport[?]SEngland1878, Sep32­
04-44Harrington, JohnENG; [?]..mouthMEngland1881, Dec29­
04-45Gould, Herbert HenryENG; Elmsworth[?]SIndia1867, Jul43­
04-46Gammon, William HenryENG; [?]..portMEngland1871, Nov39­
04-47Crane, Richard AlbertENG; LondonMEngland1877, Oct33­
04-48Davis, GeorgeENG; [?]..wickSEngland1880, Jan31­
04-49Hudson, Albert EdwardENG; SouthamptonSEngland1882, Aug28­
04-50Woodey, William Henry GreenwayENG; [Illegible]MEngland1882, Feb29­
05-01Lant, William HenryENG; London, Notting HillSEngland1878, Nov32­
05-02Williams, WalterENG; London, Bethnal GreenMEngland1877, Nov33­
05-03Gibbons, FrederickENG; M'sex, Grimes[?]SEngland1886, Apr25­
05-04Hawkes, William JosephENG; London, Sheatham[?]SEngland1879, Feb32­
05-05Creed, William IrelandENG; London, HampsteadSEngland1880, Dec30Photos
05-06Nelson, Alexander FinlaysonSCT; GlasgowSScotland1880, Jul29­
05-07Clark, Frederick RobertENG; DevonportMEngland1875, Feb36­
05-08Morgan, DonENG; SalopSEngland1885, Feb26­
05-09Milsom, William HenryENG; DevonportMEngland1878, Apr33­
05-10Newman, Walter Thomas JosephENG; SurreySEngland1880, Feb31­
05-11Cotter, PatrickENG; Isle of Wight, GurnardMIreland1879, Nov31­
05-12Barry, JosephIRL; BelfastSIreland1882, Jul28­
05-13Cochran, WilliamENG; ExeterSEngland1879, Aug31­
05-14Peard, Frederick ThomasENG; DevonportSEngland1880, Feb31­
05-15Welsh, John ArundelENG; SaltashSIreland1881, Aug29­
05-16Copeland, Henry GeorgeENG; RomfordSEngland1878, Aug32­
05-17Brandon, Joseph AlfredENG; Stafford[?]MEngland1883, Mar28­
05-18Rainey,ThomasIRL; CorkSIreland1883, Oct27­
05-19Hawkins, GeorgeIRL; I..[?]SIreland1885, Aug25­
05-20Matthews, Frederick JohnENG; [Illegible]SEngland­­­
05-21McLane[?], James William ENG; PortsmouthSEngland1886, Jan25­
05-22MacIntosh, Frank ThomasNS; Halifax, 17 North Park StMNova Scotia1886, Sep24­
05-23MacRae, James NormanNS; Halifax, 26 [?]..mit StSEngland1889, Apr22­
05-24Stephens, George LeslieENG; H.[?]..ethSEngland1887, Nov23­
05-25Evans, Thomas HenryENG; [?]..townSEngland1887, Nov23­
05-26Newman, William GarnetNB; ShediacSN.B.1889, Oct21­
05-27Stone, GeorgeNS; HalifaxMNova Scotia1886, Feb24­
05-28Wilkinson, JohnSCT; GlasgowSScotland1882, Mar29­
05-29Blackie, Charles EdwardNS; Halifax, 46 Allen StMEngland1888, Sep22­
05-30Langshaw, CharlesENG; LondonSEngland1885, May26­
05-31Thornhill, HarryENG; Devonport[?]MEngland1877, Sep33­
05-32Weeks, WilliamENG; [?]..eth?England1876, Jan35­
05-33Daly, JohnUSA; Rhode IslandSIreland1877, May34­
05-34Cleary, JamesENG; [Illegible]SEngland1871, Mar30­
05-35Collicott, JamesENG; Liskeard[?]MEngland1872, Aug38­
05-36Moran, George WilliamENG; Newton AbbottMEngland1877, Jun36­
05-37Jane, Alfred ENG; Liskeard[?]MEngland1881, May30­
05-38Perkins, Lewellyn PaticeENG; PlymouthMEngland1877, Jan34­
05-39Doyle, GeorgeNS; Halifax, Musquodoboit HarbourSNova Scotia1891, Oct19­
05-40Day, LaurierNS; Halifax, Jeddore[?]SNova Scotia1892, Aug18­
05-41Hawes, JohnNS; Halifax, 339 Barrington StMNova Scotia1891, Jul19­
05-42Patfield, LawrenceNS; Halifax, 84 Broomsfield StMNova Scotia1891, Nov19­
05-43Carr, William JamesNS; Halifax, 50 [?] StSNova Scotia1892, Nov18­
05-44Reche, Charles WilliamNS; Halifax, 66 Russell StSNova Scotia1892, Jan19­
05-45McNeil, JamesNS; Halifax, [?] Birmingham StSNova Scotia1891, Aug19­
05-46Gilfoy, Frederick HowardNS; Halifax, [?] Maynard StSNova Scotia1892, Jul18­
05-47Harris, William StephenNS; Halifax, 20[?] Russell StSNova Scotia1892, Sep18­
05-48Sheridan, George PatrickNS; Halifax, 36-1/2[?] Dresden RdSNova Scotia1891, Nov19 CD1901
05-49Smith, AustinNS; Halifax, North Orton[?] StSNova Scotia1891, Jul19­
05-50Ryan, ThomasNS; Halifax, 25 Vance[?] StSEngland1892, Apr19­
06-01Austin, Edward LawrenceNS; Halifax, 14 Hurd StSNova Scotia1892, Apr19­
06-02Campbell, John RoderickNS; Cape Breton, Sydney, [?] Victoria RdSNova Scotia1892, Nov18­
06-03Morrow, John AlbertNS; Halifax, [?] Campbell RdSNova Scotia1891, Sep19 CD1901
06-04Westhaver, Leander CurieNS; Halifax, 7 Sackville StSNova Scotia1892, Mar19­
06-05James, Thomas RandolphNS; Halifax, 321 Campbell RdSNova Scotia1891, Jan20­
06-06Hawley, Andrew LymanON; PrescottSOntario1892, Nov18­
06-07Raymond, EdgarNS; YarmouthSNova Scotia1890, May21­
06-08Irving, ThomasSCT; We.[?].townSScotland1886, Nov24­
06-09Murphy, John JamesNS; Halifax, 23 Sullivan StMEngland1889, Nov21­
06-10Daniels, HerbertNS; Halifax, 2128 Hallis StSWales1884, Aug26­
06-11Shea, William HenryNS; Halifax, 25 Agricola StSNova Scotia1890, Aug20­
06-12Marshall, George HenryNS; Halifax, 12 Jacob StSNova Scotia1890, Oct20­
06-13Kane, George WilliamNS; Halifax, 194 Jeffrey[?] StSNova Scotia1891, Sep19­
06-14Henderson, Charles GordonNS; Halifax, 78 Kenby StSNova Scotia1889, Jan21­
06-15Kennedy, David IgnatiusNS; Cape Breton, New AberdeenSNova Scotia1892, Jul18­
06-16Williams, Walter McLeodNS; Halifax, 10 Arcadia StSNova Scotia1892, Oct19­
06-17Henderson, ThomasENG; London, [Illegible]SScotland1892, Jul18­
06-18Martell, AlexanderNS; Halifax, 50 Bloomfield StSNova Scotia1888, Jul22­
06-19McGraw, MichaelNB; St JohnSN.B.1888, Mar23­
06-20Paine, John ErnestNS; Halifax, 23 Sullivan StSEngland1893, Jan18­
06-21Wakefield, Harry George Fred ENG; Devon, SidmouthSEngland1889, Jun21­
06-22Collins, JamesNilSEngland1887, Jan24­
06-23Singer, James HeathNS; Windsor, 30 Nesbit StSNova Scotia1892, Oct18­
06-24Parton, SampsonENG; HanleySEngland1886, Sep24­
06-25Cadieux, Ludger AlexanderQC; Montreal, 25 Ontario StSQuebec1888, Jan23­
06-26McIsaac, Joseph EdwardPEI; Charlottetown, 42 Valley StSNova Scotia1893, Feb18­
06-27Conrod, FrankON; Trenton[?]SEngland1892, Jul18­
06-28Keohane, JohnIRL; CorkSIreland1892, Aug18­
06-29Perkins, Henry OliverON; London, St James ParkSEngland1892, Nov18­
06-30Kusick, Gordon HeraldPEI; Charlottetown, 23 Douglas StSP.E.I.1890, Nov20­
06-31Charron, Charles EmileQC; Riviere du LoupSQuebec1890, Mar21­
06-32Desrochers, WilliamQC; Sherbrooke, 28 Peel StSUSA1887, Jan24­
06-33Pollock, WilliamNS; Halifax, 131 Gottingen StSNova Scotia1887, Jun23­
06-34Lefebvre, LouisQC; SheffordSQuebec1888, Jan23­
06-35Moxon, RoyNS; Halifax, 19 Roome StSNova Scotia1892, Apr18­
06-36Babcock, Percival ClaytonUSA; MaineSNova Scotia1890, Apr21­
06-37Heaning, WilliamENG; Rock[?]mouthMEngland1866, Dec44­
06-38Mortimore, Frederick ThomasENG; DevonMEngland1869, Jan42­
06-39Cowle[?], DanielENG; PlymouthMEngland1867, Apr44­
06-40Glanvill, William ThomasENG; DevonportMEngland1868, Oct42­
06-41Hocker, GeorgeENG; DevonportMEngland1867, Jan44­
06-42Wanless, Henry EdwardENG; DevonportMEngland1869, Mar42­
06-43Smith, HarryENG; DevonportMEngland1865, Oct45­
06-44Currah, William FrederickENG; DevonportMEngland1866, Mar45­
06-45MacKings, James WilliamENG; PlymouthMEngland1867, Jan44­
06-46Brewer, Samuel JohnENG; GosportMEngland1865, Aug45­
06-47Hewson, AlfredENG; PortsmouthMEngland1869, Mar42­
06-48Kedy, MichaelIRL; CorkSIreland1867, Apr44­
06-49Groves, AlbertENG; PortsmouthMEngland1869, Oct41­
06-50Harding, SamuelENG; SouthamptonSEngland1870, Mar42­
07-01Evans, WiliamENG; DevonportMWales1868, Jun42­
07-02Colcutt, William HenryENG; BirminghamMEngland1865, Feb46­
07-03Axworthy, Frederick JohnENG; PlymouthMEngland1870, Jan41­
07-04Perkins, HenryENG; DevonportSEngland1867, Feb44­
07-05Pearse, Edward ThomasENG; PortsmouthMEngland1875, May36­
07-06Casterton, ThomasENG; DevonportSEngland1882, Nov28­
07-07Sweet, Charles WalterENG; DevonportMEngland1863, Jan48­
07-08Palmer, ThomasENG; StonehouseSEngland1868, Feb43­
07-09Austin, Richard OlivierENG; [?]..eignMEngland1876, Sep34­
07-10Ford, George HenryENG; Plymouth[?]SEngland1879, Mar32­
07-11Edwards, CharleyENG; Plymouth, MillbrookSEngland1875, Jan36­
07-12Skews, HarryENG; DevonportMEngland1874, Mar37 UK1901
07-13Burroughs, GeorgeENG; DevonportMEngland1884, Apr27­
07-14Francis, William JeremiahWales; SwanseaSWales1885, Dec25­
07-15Barrett, FrankENG; BridgewaterSEngland1879, Apr32­
07-16Coombes, AlbertENG; Camelford[?]SEngland1881, May30­
07-17Hale, Wiliam CharlesENG; LiverpoolSEngland1885, Sep25­
07-18Waters, PeterENG; DevonportWIreland1877, Feb34­
07-19Hobson, George ThomasENG; Devon, Bradwich[?]MEngland1882, Mar29­
07-20Furse, ArthurENG; St AustellSEngland1877, Oct43­
07-21Best, Jesse RobertENG; [?]..gportSEngland1886, Jun25­
07-22Twidale, DanielENG; LiverpoolSEngland1877, Sep33 UK1901
07-23Hayward, WilliamENG; SussexMEngland1877, Feb34­
07-24Gou..b[?], Thomas HarperSCT; GlasgowMEngland1872, Jul39­
07-25McRane, ThomasIRL; BelfastMIreland1875, Jan36­
07-26Gibbs, John GeorgeSCT; AberdeenSScotland1872, Sep37­
07-27Emsley, JamesSCT; [?]..stonMScotland1874, May36­
07-28Neal, EdwardENG; DevonportMEngland­­­
07-29Cossons, LewellynENG; BristolMEngland1879, Jun31 UK1901
07-30Cockrane, FrankENG; PortsmouthMEngland1879, Mar32­
07-31Cheal, Frederick JamesENG; ReigateSEngland1878, Jul32­
07-32Balls, EdwardENG; NorfolkWEngland1878, Nov32­
07-33Barlow, ArthurENG; Gillingham[?]MEngland1877, Oct33­
07-34Jenney, WilliamENG; HullSEngland1877, Feb34­
07-35Newman, OliverENG; SheernessSEngland1872, Aug38­
07-36Grove, Frank JamesENG; Kinchley[?]SEngland1878, Dec32­
07-37Turner, Thomas HenryENG; GreenwichSEngland1876, Sep34­
07-38Rosher, John GeorgeENG; ChathamMEngland­­­
07-39Hill, William ENG; [?]..fordMEngland1896, Aug24­
07-40Johnson, William EdwardENG; East [Illegible]SEngland1876, Mar35­
07-41Ronane, John PatrickENG; Houghton[?]SEngland1882, Feb29­
07-42Hannigan, MichaelIRL; CorkSIreland1877, Jun33­
07-43Cox, GeorgeENG; L[is?]keardMEngland1872, Aug38­
07-44Darlington, John ArthurENG; PlymouthSEngland1878, Oct32­
07-45Fill, George Hamilton ENG; Portsmouth[?]MEngland1875, Oct35­
07-46Wallis, RupertENG; LondonMEngland­­­
07-47Wallen, GeorgeENG; PlymouthMEngland­­­
07-48Marshall, WilliamENG; PortsmouthSEngland1887, Aug23­
07-49Neel, Frederick JamesENG; Halifax[?]MEngland1861, Feb50­
07-50Turpin, George ReginaldENG; DevonportMEngland­­­
08-01Kearns, Frank WalwinON; Ottawa, 376 Sussex StSOntario1892, Jul18­
08-02Gammon, John ThomasENG; DevonportMEngland1880, Aug30­
08-03Peacock, Henry WilliamNiobeSEngland1870, Dec40­
08-04Avery, ArthurENG; PlymouthSEngland1887, Aug23­
08-05Brown, Charles HenryENG; DevonportSCyprus1886, Feb25­
08-06Day, Bertram JamesENG; PlymouthSEngland1886, Apr25­
08-07Burnett, Rodney OrlandoENG; DevonportSEngland1890, Apr21­
08-08Dixon, George CarrENG; NewcastleMEngland1883, Sep27­
08-09De Gruchey, William Charles Rich[?]ENG; DevonportSIreland1887, Apr24 UK1901
08-10Pearce, Alfred ThomasENG; PlymouthSEngland1889, Jan22­
08-11Filewood, ClementENG; LeytonSEngland1892, May19­
08-12Holmes, Edward CharlesENG; [?]..headSEngland1888, Oct22­
08-13Parkyn, Ernest QuickeENG; [?]..oulSEngland­­ Note
08-14Balson, Harold BertieENG; DevonportMEngland1882, Mar29­
08-15Woodcock, Frederick WilliamWales; SwanseaSEngland1886, Jun24­
08-16Downey, LeonardENG; PlymouthSEngland1891, Sep19­
08-17Reardon, William HenryENG; PlymouthSEngland­­­
08-18Rowe, Charles WilliamENG; DevonportSEngland1891, Dec19­
08-19Collicutt, Charles Frederick ENG; DevonportSEngland1891, Oct19­
08-20Graham, FrancisENG; PlymouthSEngland1892, Aug18­
08-21Ireland, ClaudeENG; Stonehouse[?]SEngland1891, Oct19­
08-22Ellis, John WallaceNS; Halifax[?]MEngland1879, Nov31­
08-23Davies, John DavidENG; PlymouthSEngland1891, Mar20­
08-24Elliott, ArthurENG; Isle of WightSEngland1890, Jun20­
08-25Facey, Reginald JohnENG; DevonSEngland1891, Aug19­
08-26Hocking, William John AlbertENG; PlymouthSEngland1881, May20­
08-27Hutchings, John EdwinENG; [?]..mouthSEngland1884, Jul26­
08-28Coles, John Edward AndersonENG; PlymouthMEngland1880, Mar21­
08-29Cosier, JamesENG; PortsmouthSEngland1892, Sep18­
08-30Dolphin, William JamesENG; PortsmouthMEngland1870, Dec40­
08-31Conway, GeorgeENG; DevonportSEngland1889, Feb22­
08-32Parker, FrederickENG; DevonportSEngland1891, May20­
08-33Foy, William JohnENG; DevonSEngland1887, Jul23­
08-34German, Thomas WilliamENG; GosportMEngland1886, Dec24­
08-35Ford, Frank WilliamNS; Halifax, [?] Creighton StSNova Scotia1891, Mar20­
08-36Barnes, William JohnNS; Halifax, Water StSNova Scotia1892, Feb19­
08-37Englefeld, Edward HenryNS; Halifax, Water StSEngland1892, Jun19­
08-38Clarke, William HenryENG; Stonehouse[?]SEngland1888, May23­
08-39Wheatley, Harding KirkpatrickIRL[?]; Cork[?], StrasburgSIreland1889, Oct21 UK1901
08-40MacDonell, Embert[?] Morise[?]USA; BostonSP.E.I.1893, Feb18­
08-41Hilchey, Duncan LutherPEI; GeorgetownSP.E.I.1892, Jun18 CD1901
08-42Borte, HerbertENG; CheltenhamSEngland1886, Jan25­
08-43Whiting, FrederickENG; ChalfordSEngland1890, Feb21­
08-44McDonald, HughSCT; GlasgowSScotland1888, Jan23­
08-45Le Petourd, Edward HerbertENG; LondonSChannel Is.1866, Apr45­
08-46Harrison, JohnENG; PlymouthMEngland1861, May51­
08-47Chappell, Edward SamuelENG; PlymouthMEngland1864, Dec46­
08-48Miller, Thomas ENG; DevonportMEngland1867, Dec43­
08-49Alway, Adrien LemertENG; PortsmouthMEngland1870, Mar41­
08-50Anderson, Henry JohnENG; LondonMEngland1870, Aug40­
09-01Barker, HerbertENG; ChiswickSEngland1869, Jan42­
09-02Harper, William JosephENG; PortsmouthMEngland1865, Apr46­
09-03Carpenter, Herbert JohnNS; Halifax, 1[?]9 Cunnard StMEngland1871, Feb40­
09-04Shepherd, John WilliamNS; Halifax, Kaye[?] StMEngland1870, Apr41­
09-05Boone[?], WilliamENG; PortsmouthMEngland1867, Jun43­
09-06Nicholls, Arthur FrederickENG; SouthseaWEngland1863, Jul47­
09-07Featherstone, John WilliamENG; DevonportMEngland1863, Aug47­
09-08Colter, Charles JamesENG; DevonportMEngland1863, Dec47­
09-09Chubb, Thomas AlgernonENG; [?]..mouthMIreland1868, Feb43­
09-10Crackwell, Ernest­SEngland1894, Jan17­
09-11Chick, SidneyENG; London, Bethnal GreenSEngland1894, Nov16­
09-12Cornwall, Edward George­SEngland1895, Aug16­
09-13Cudd, FrederickENG; London, Westbourne[?]SEngland1895, Jun15­
09-14Emmerson, Rupert GrangerENG; ChathamSEngland1894, Dec16­
09-15Field, GeorgeENG; Kent, Broomley[?]SEngland1895, Feb15­
09-16Medlam[?], Thomas WalterENG; [?]..onSEngland1895, Apr16­
09-17Morris, ArthurENG; Buck, [Illegible]SEngland1895, Jul15­
09-18Moreau[?], Frank HenryENG; RoystonSEngland1894, Feb17­
09-19Morris, Charles FrederickENG; East DulwichSEngland1895, Feb16­
09-20Underhill, Charles­SEngland1895, Apr16­
09-21Vincent, Thomas Henry RichardENG; London, Watley[?] StSEngland1895, Nov15­
09-22Neave, Henry ThomasENG; London, StratfordSEngland1894, Nov16­
09-23Montague, John­SEngland1895, Jul15 Note
09-24James, Alfred­SEngland1894, Jun16­
09-25Tidswell, Lawrence RobyENG; BradfordSEngland1894, Jan17­
09-26Fraser, George Ernest Jack­SEngland1894, Dec16­
09-27Langridge, FrederickENG; CroydonSEngland1894, Aug16­
09-28Webber, John HenryENG; DevonportSEngland1894, Mar17­
09-29Thomas, Charles WilliamNS; Halifax, 38 Creighton StSNova Scotia1894, Mar17­
09-30Laidlaw, Harold AberdeenNS; Halifax, 29 Shorley[?] StSNova Scotia1894, Mar17­
09-31Murphy, Vincent PatrickNS; New RossSNova Scotia1894, Apr17­
09-32Shortt, Reginald Nailsom[?]NS; Dartmouth, Eaton AveSNova Scotia1894, Jun16 CD1901
09-33Emmett, Arthur ErnestNS; HalifaxSNova Scotia1894, Dec16­
09-34Skinner, ArthurNS; Halifax, [?] Sarah[?] StSNova Scotia1893, Jan18­
09-35Moore, Thomas StanleyNS; Dartmouth, Ash[?] StSNova Scotia1895, Apr15­
09-36Manley, Albert EdwardNS; Halifax, 42 Broome [Illegible]SEngland1893, Nov17­
09-37Wilkinson, Arthur[?]; 10 [?] FarmSIreland1893, Sep17­
09-38Merlin, Patrick EarleNS; Halifax, 724 North Robie StSNova Scotia1895, Sep15­
09-39Hill, Albert JamesNS; Halifax, 643[?] Robie StSEngland1895, Sep15­
09-40Perrault, EmmanuelQC; Montreal, 458 Langeault[?] StSQuebec1894, Jul16­
09-41Henn[?], Percy HennNS; Halifax, [?] Perth StSEngland1894, Aug16­
09-42Malone, James Peter JohnON; Toronto, 194 Simcoe[?] StSOntario1894, Feb17­
09-43Gilson, Roylestock[?] HydeON; Davisville, 12 Baliol StSOntario1894, Oct16­
09-44Endersby, Frank[?] ArthurON; Port HopeSEngland1895, Dec15­
09-45French, Samuel Meaney[?]ON; Toronto, 65 Taylor StSIreland1894, Nov16­
09-46Noble, Sidney HaroldON; Toronto, 238 Sackville StSOntario1893, Aug17 CD1901
09-47Twining, Edwin CharlesUSA; Minnesota, [?] Branch[?]SOntario1894, Oct16­
09-48Bowring, Henry GeorgeON; Toronto, [?] Howie AveSEngland1894, Apr17­
09-49Stone, Mathew CharlesON; Toronto, 123[?] Eastern AveSOntario1895, Oct15­
09-50Padvery[?], William Gordon HalesON; Toronto, 156 Bellwood AveSOntario1894, Aug16­
10-01Corke, Cecil GeorgeON; Toronto, 43 Bellwood StSEngland1895, Jul15­
10-02MacDonald, Norman RussellUSA; Michigan, Mount ClemensSOntario1895, Mar16­
10-03Bouillon, Louis Elezer AlbertQC; Quebec, St [?] StSQuebec1895, Sep15­
10-04Locke, Alfred AlexanderNS; Halifax, 64[?] Buckingham StSEngland1895, Jun15­
10-05Gallant, James HenryPEI; Charlottetown, 23 Worchester[?] StSP.E.I.1895, May16­
10-06Coyle, Louis JamesPEI; Charlottetown, 196 Richmond StSP.E.I.1895, Feb16­
10-07McDonald, Wm[?] BrentonPEI; Charlottetown, 1[?]5 Worchester StSP.E.I.1896, Dec14­
10-08Callaghan, JohnPEI; Charlottetown, [Illegible] StSP.E.I.1894, Apr17­
10-09Bell, Rory LawrencePEI; Charlottetown, [?]5 Edward StSP.E.I.1894, Nov16­
10-10Clement, Robert JamesON; Sault Ste Marie, [Illegible] StSEngland1895, Sep15­
10-11Bowden, George LintonON; PembrokeSOntario1895, Dec15­
10-12McAuliffe, Henry WilliamNS; Halifax, 613 Robie StSNova Scotia1894, Apr17­
10-13Fielder, [Illegible] Arthur ThomasQC; Montreal, 13 Park AveSEngland1895, Dec15­
10-14Taylor, G SolomonON; Toronto, 270 Adelaide StSEngland1894, Jun17­
10-15Douglas, BruceQC; Montreal[?], 106[?] Forsythe StSOntario1893, Sep17­
10-16Bennie, WalterON; Toronto, 9 Oak StSIreland1894, Dec16­
10-17Turner, Ralph HaroldNS; Dartmouth, Preston RdSNova Scotia1895, Dec15­
10-18Aulling[?], AilwynON; Kingston, 67 York StSEngland1896, Feb15­
10-19Reddy, Ralph JamesNS; Dartmouth, Preston RdSNova Scotia1896, Mar15­
10-20Leach, Andy[?] EdwardON; Kingston, 23 Rideau StSEngland1895, May16­
10-21Clements, ArthurON; Toronto, 424 Wellesley StSEngland1893, Dec17­
10-22Campbell, Robert AlbertON; RenfrewSOntario1895, Mar16­
10-23Reed, Victor ThomasON; Toronto, 4 Dunchin[?] AvSOntario1895, Sep15­
10-24Stilwell, Frederick HughON; Brockville, Kincaid StSOntario1896, Feb15­
10-25Funnell, HarryON; Kingston, 12 St Catherine StSEngland1895, Jan15­
10-26Heigher, JohnPEI; Charlottetown, 175 Douglas StSP.E.I.1894, Nov16­
10-27Smith, Carl ElliotNS; Halifax, 160[?] Spring Garden RdSNova Scotia1894, Dec16­
10-28Kirkwood, Adam MauriceON; London, 836 Maitland StSOntario1894, Jun16­
10-29Bocking, Thomas HenryON; Kingston, 169[?] Lower Bagot StSEngland1895, Nov15­
10-30Simpson, William EdwardENG; Hampton[?]SEngland1894, Jun16­
10-31Halloran, Albert LeoPEI; Charlottetown, [?]3 Fulton[?] StSP.E.I.1894, Jul16­
10-32Franklin, Charles FrederickQC; MagogSEngland1895, May16­
10-33Franklin, William HenryQC; MagogSEngland1893, Dec17­
10-34Fraser, LachlanQC; Montreal, 80 [Illegible] StSScotland1896, Nov14­
10-35Clements, HarryON; Toronto, 152 Spruce StSEngland1895, Dec15­
10-36McLeod, Grant LockeNS; New Glasgow, Archimedes StSNova Scotia1895, Aug15­
10-37Whittingham, William Arthur Alfred Chas[?]ENG; BirminghamSEngland1894, Apr17­
10-38Bembé[?], Gillie CoramQC; Riviere du Loupe[?]SQuebec1895, Feb16­
10-39McWade, Fredk Elliot MacphPEI; Charlottetown, 58 [?]..ader StSP.E.I.1895, Jul15­
10-40Simpson, James Ernest EgertonON; Kingston, 313 Albert StSUSA1894, Dec16­
10-41Wells, David HowardON; Ottawa, 1[?] [Illegible] StSOntario1896, Mar15­
10-42Beauchemin[?], Geo RemyUSA; BurlingtonSUSA1894, Aug16­
10-43De Young, Robert ClydeNS; Dartmouth, [?] RdSNova Scotia1895, Jun15­
10-44Glony[?], Duncan CameronON; Toronto, 67 Eastern[?] AvSScotland1895, May16­
10-45Clattenburg, Leon[?] BlairNS; Halifax, Pleasant HarbourSNova Scotia1894, Jun16­
10-46Manuel, WilliamUSA; BostonSUSA1895, Mar16­
10-47Burnstein, JacobNS; Cape Breton, Glace BaySNova Scotia1896, Jul14­
10-48Fraser, Roy BeckwithNS; Halifax, 73[?] Edward StSNova Scotia1895, Dec15­
10-49Ross, Fenton AlexanderON; Port Arthur, [?]8 Algoma St NSOntario1893, Jul17­
10-50Higgins[?], Winterbourne CharlesENG; PortsmouthSEngland1882, Jun28­
11-01White, Charles James HaigsENG; PortsmouthMEngland1873, Aug34­
11-02Jessey, WalterENG; PortsmouthMEngland1880, Sep30­
11-03Blackwell, Richard HoskingENG; PlymouthMEngland1874, Jan37­
11-04Ball, Walter HerbertENG; DevonportMEngland1877, Jul33­
11-05Hobbs, ArthurENG; Taunton[?]SEngland1883, Mar28­
11-06Wickins, HarryENG; Kings LynnMEngland1877, Jul33­
11-07Gamble[?], James GeorgeENG; Cutlingham[?]SEngland1884, Jun27­
11-08Stokes, Richard JamesENG; PortsmouthMEngland1874, Jun36­
11-09Abbott, Charles ThomasENG; SouthamptonMEngland1878, Jan33­
11-10Morton, Francis EdwardENG; SheernessMEngland1883, Apr28­
11-11Kennett, George AlfredENG; MaidstoneSEngland1881, Oct29­
11-12Daniels, John KingENG; EssexSEngland1885, Apr26­
11-13Parker, Albert WilliamENG; ReadingSEngland1887, Apr24­
11-14Knight, James EdwardENG; Howich[?]SEngland1884, Mar27­
11-15Grogan, William HenryENG; PortsmouthSEngland1879, Apr32­
11-16Bridges, MauriceENG; Bradford[?]SEngland1885, Dec25­
11-17Jones, John WilliamENG; HoweSEngland1880, May31­
11-18Jenkins, Charles WilliamENG; [?]..bmouthSEngland1880, Dec30­
11-19Pentecost, William Thomas PriceENG; CroydonSEngland1885, May26­
11-20Fish, SidneyENG; Waltham CrossWEngland1883, Apr28­
11-21Oliver, WilliamENG; PortsmouthMEngland1882, Nov28­
11-22Forsyth, William SamsonENG; CawsandSEngland1889, May22­
11-23Burch, Ernest HarryENG; W.[?].themsboro[?]SEngland1885, Jan26­
11-24Williams, Cecil WilliamENG; LondonSEngland1882, Nov28­
11-25Falconer, John JamesENG; W.[?].themsboro[?]SEngland1882, Nov28­
11-26Barr, OswaldENG; BrixtonSEngland1886, Feb25­
11-27Wilson, Bartholemew Christopher NoelIRL; [Illegible]SIreland1887, May24­
11-28Quayle, Robert DouglasENG; LiverpoolSEngland1884, Aug26­
11-29Threadgould, Evelyn WhitakerENG; LeedsMEngland1882, Dec28­
11-30Fitzsimmons, JamesIRL; DownSIreland1877, Nov33­
11-31Carron, Joseph SamuelENG; PenzanceMEngland1883, Feb28­
11-32Farrell, CharlesENG; DevonportMEngland1880, Apr31­
11-33Collins, JamesENG; PortsmouthMEngland1871, Apr40­
11-34Pearse, Alfred Charles JamesENG; DevonportMEngland1881, Jan30­
11-35Zowersker[?], FrederickENG; DevonportMEngland1880, Apr31­
11-36Springett, Henry RowlandENG; Plymouth[?]MEngland1880, Oct30­
11-37Jay, Albert ThomasENG; [?] StationMEngland1874, Sep36­
11-38Benorthan, William CharlesENG; DevonportMEngland1875, Sep35 UK1901
11-39Ahern, GeraldIRL; CorkSIreland1884, May27­
11-40Hillier, HarryENG; [?]..ySEngland1886, Jan25­
11-41Willcox, Frederick JamesENG; Exeter[?]SEngland1886, Jan25­
11-42Creman, PatrickIRL; CorkSIreland1876, Mar35­
11-43Ackroyd, LewisENG; HalifaxSEngland1887, Oct23­
11-44Wilkes, Charles WilliamENG; Tewkesbury[?]SEngland1884, Oct26­
11-45Murrin, John[?] HenryENG; Stilton[?]SEngland1887, Feb24­
11-46McDonough, JohnIRL; GalwaySIreland1883, Sep27­
11-47Taylor, AlbertENG; Liverpool[?]SEngland1882, Apr29­
11-48Mitchell, WilliamENG; DevonportSEngland1878, Aug32­
11-49Jenkins, Reginald Walter WilliamENG; [?]..point[?]SEngland1887, Sep23­
12-01Walters, Richard ThomasENG; PlymouthMEngland1884, Jul26­
12-02Broomsgrove, Frederick RichardENG; BristolMEngland1881, May30­
12-03Evans, Tom WilliamENG; BristolSEngland1887, Jan24­
12-04Moran, EdwardIRL; WestportSIreland1887, May24­
12-05Dempsey, WilliamIRL;SIreland­­­
12-06Yates, Richard AlfredENG; [?]..ngdon­England1885, Nov25­
12-07Saunder, William EdwardENG; DurhamSEngland1885, Mar26 Note
12-08Budd, Francis JamesENG; LondonSEngland1887, Dec23­
12-09Jones, RobertENG; ChesterSEngland1875, Dec35­
12-10Nield, WalterENG; Middlesex, WenbleySEngland1881, Aug30­
12-11Fisher, George IrvingNS; Halifax, 158-1/2 Brunswick StMEngland1866, Dec44­
12-12Watts, Charles WilliamENG; GosportMEngland1872, Nov38­
12-13King, AlfredENG; [?]..otnesMEngland1874, Jan37­
12-14Halman, Thomas CharlesENG; DawlichSEngland1877, Jan34­
12-15Thomson, DavidENG; PortsmouthMScotland1882, May29­
12-16Horne, John George Buckley[?]ENG; DevonportMEngland1877, Oct33­
12-17Martin, LukeENG; BattleSEngland1877, Jul33­
12-18Roope­­­­­HMCS Rainbow
12-19Gilson­­­­­HMCS Rainbow
12-20Cameron­­­­­HMCS Rainbow
12-22McArthur­­­­­HMCS Rainbow
12-23Murry[?]­­­­­HMCS Rainbow
12-24Smith­­­­­HMCS Rainbow
12-25Boscott­­­­­HMCS Rainbow
12-26Elliott, George RossNS; New RossSNova Scotia1895, Feb16­

Seven of the last nine names in the list (Roope through to Boscott) were also enumerated on HMCS Rainbow, which was stationed in Esquimalt, BC. The reason for this is unknown, but perhaps these men were awaiting transfer to Niobe or had just been transferred from Niobe to Rainbow.

Some married men who gave a Halifax address were also enumerated at their Halifax residence with the rest of their family. A surname search for an individual on automated­genealogy.com (click on "1911 Census"-->"Nova Scotia") might reveal more information.

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