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Charlie Dobie, 1962

Charlie Dobie, 2013

I'm Charlie Dobie, the creator and maintainer of this website. I joined the Royal Canadian Navy in September 1960, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, under the three-year On The Job Training (OJT) programme. I took basic training at HMCS Cornwallis, and in January 1961 was posted to HMCS Ste. Therese, in Victoria BC. I served on Ste Therese as a sonar­man (OSSN & ABSN) for the duration of my time and was released about July or August, 1963. Section revised September 1, 2023.

Basic Training : HMCS Cornwallis, 1960

When I left for basic training I was given a train ticket and told to be in Montreal by a certain time. The train had been collecting recruits all the way from the west coast so by the time it reached Thunder Bay it was a moving riot. I took a few photos in Montreal as we wandered around with several hours to kill before we caught the train to Moncton.

HMCS Ste Therese : photos from 1961 to 1963

HMCS Ste Therese

This photo is of HMCS Ste Therese leaving Esquimalt Harbour for Long Beach and Pearl Harbour, June 1962. I am one of the men on the foc'sle and Robert Berbeck is one of the men on the flag deck. DND photo submitted by Robert Berbeck.

thumbnail Ship's company photo, August 1961. This official photo was taken when we were visiting San Francisco. Many men are identified but most are not. Revised Feb. 21, 2023. thumbnail RCN Frigates at Pier 1 in San Francisco, August 1961. At least four frigates were tied up at this jetty and Ste Therese is one of them. thumbnail Foc'sle crew, August 1961. Preparing to leave San Francisco. Surnames so far: Abrams, Brown, Campbell, Compton, Sjolie. thumbnail Most of the weapons department, 1962/63. Taken at sea, 1962 or the first half of 1963. Surnames: Boyce, Brown, Caruthers, Compton, Dobie, Egger, Elgert, Evans(?), Hall, Hammett, Hegler, Kutzner, Lawson, Leeming, Leyden, McCaughey, Trick, Wakefield, Waldron, Willway. thumbnail Foc'sle crew, Queen Charlottes. Possibly in Rennell Sound, but could be anywhere. As always, it was cold. Surnames so far: Bernard, Campbell, Daniels, Waters. thumbnail Crew on the quarter­deck in coastal waters. General view with some of the crew in the distance. thumbnail Daily rum ration. Location seems to be Esquimalt Harbour. Three men are now identified: Alford, Compton, and Toth. thumbnail Lifeboat crew on an exercise. Hanging from the davits somewhere at sea. Names so far: Dahl, Owens, Srubowich. thumbnail Doing maintenance on the 4-inch gun. ABWS Fisher and OSWS Daniels are freezing their butts off but still smiling. thumbnail Officer cadets & anti-submarine mortars. About a dozen cadets standing around the Squid-well waiting for something to happen. Names so far: Demchuck and Hoffman. thumbnail Frigates in San Francisco, August 1961. A general view over the quarter­decks of two ships, one of which must be the Ste Therese. thumbnail Ashore for a few hours in Tasu Sound. We were in the Queen Charlottes so it had to be winter. Three men almost smile for the camera. Two are AB Ted Hamilton (Thorne) & LS Ralph Oggelsby. thumbnail Ashore for a few hours in Tasu Sound. Crew members hamming it up for the camera. Surnames so far: Demchuk, Hamilton (Thorne) Oggelsby, Patterson, Toth. thumbnail ABSN Charlie Dobie. I finally found another photo of myself to prove that it all actually happened. Taken on one of the Hawaii cruises. thumbnail At sea off Diamond Head. Two photos. Crew members gaze at Diamond Head or pretend to work. Surnames: Bigcanoe, Egger, Graw, Hawkes, Hoffman. thumbnail Two of the crew having a conversation. Ordinary Seamen Yeager and Srubowich, both bosuns. thumbnail Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco. Three Ste Therese sailors at Fisherman's Wharf, 1961. Surnames: Mullin, Sjolie, Wurtz. thumbnail A Leading Seaman in the weapons department. I took this photo for him but now I can't remember his name. thumbnail Egger and Derkacz square off in the mess-deck. But there's no contest when it comes to beer guts. thumbnail Egger and Waldron clean a winch cover. Both were members of the weapons department. thumbnail Crew member, inland waters. OSRP Wright looking at the view. thumbnail In front of the 4-inch gun. OSWS Fred Elgert, weapons surface. thumbnail Anchored in coastal waters. OSSN Robbin Wakefield. thumbnail In Esquimalt Harbour. OSWS Robert Egger, weapons surface. thumbnail Anchored in coastal waters. Three shipmates: Boyce, McFarlane and unknown. thumbnail Caught in the act of working. LSWS Hall, OSWS Leyden and OSWS Elgert do maintenance on the Bofors AA guns. thumbnail Sailing in Alaskan waters. OS Wayne Anaka with Alaska or BC in the distance. thumbnail Bentick Island demo­lition course, 1963. PO1 Bottomley explains to AB Spooner and Wakefield why they can't hit those cans with hammers. Revised October 30, 2018. thumbnail Bentick Island demo­lition course, 1963. AB Hawkes, Spooner and Wakefield with plastic explosives. thumbnail Bentick Island demo­lition course, 1963. Instructors watch men place explosives connected by primacord. thumbnail HMCS Beacon Hill anchored. This is probably the anchorage at Pat Bay but I'm not sure. thumbnail HMCS Margaree and a frigate anchored. This was probably taken at the same Pat Bay anchorage.

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